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Dark Sky - Plugin
Introducing Dark Sky - A Dimension Shifting FX Engine With Infinite Outcomes

Harnessing the power of granular synthesis, Dark Sky transforms any audio signal it touches, crafting immersive and evolving soundscapes.

Whether you want to add a lush, ethereal ambience to your synths, infuse your drums with spatial depth, or bring a distinct atmosphere to your overall sound...

Dark Sky delivers unparalleled texture for those who like to push sonic boundaries & explore the unknown.

Blending a unique atmosphere with granular delay, Dark Sky can turn any audio signal into something special.

Hear Dark Sky in action
BEFORE: Chords
AFTER: Chords
BEFORE: Gemini Flute
AFTER: Gemini Flute
BEFORE: Guitar
AFTER: Guitar
AFTER: Piano
BEFORE: RnB Melody
AFTER: RnB Melody
AFTER: Synth
What does DARK SKY do?

Dark Sky is a playground for achieving mesmerizing texture & atmosphere, regardless of the sound you throw at it.

For this plugin, we studied every in and out when it comes to granular FX to create the ultimate tool for limitless creative outcomes.

Whether you're fine-tuning a single instrument or reimagining an entire mix - Dark Sky brings a unique spatial quality to your music, bringing each element to life.

It’s perfect for adding a rich, textural atmosphere to everything from synths, guitars and pianos to vocals and drums alike.

Dark Sky Plugin
Dark Sky Plugin
How does DARK SKY work exactly?

DARK SKY includes 6 unique fx parameters for shifting your sound into a dream-like soundscape.

The Number parameter determines how many grains are sampled from the incoming audio, controlling glitch delay-like textures & atmospheric reverbs.

The Speed parameter determines the playback speed (pitch of the grains). This allows you to shift octaves to dial in your desired outcome.

The Detune parameter subtly randomizes the pitches of the grains and modulates them to create an ensemble-like sound.

The Feedback parameter recycles grains back into the signal, working in much the same way as a Feedback knob on a regular delay. The higher the Feedback, the longer the effect will linger.

The Size parameter controls whether you want to make the grains smaller or larger, extending or shortening the length of grain size.

The Mix parameter controls the “wet” mix amount of the other 5 parameters that you want blended into your dry signal.

Get Dark Sky Granular
FX Engine Now
Transform Any Audio Signal Into Dream-Like Soundscapes
Dark Sky
Dark Sky Plugin
DARK SKY Granular FX Engine
25 Presets
Dark Sky Launch Edition
Dark Sky Plugin
DARK SKY Granular FX Engine
50 Presets
5 Launch Bonus Curated Packs
AURORA: Various Melody Collection
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NOCTURN: Layers Collection
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HORIZON: Vocal Collection
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CRESCENT: Melodic One Shot Collection
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7 Free Bonuses Included With DARK SKY Launch Edition
*Includes Exclusive Samples From Our Best Selling Production Suites
BLOOD: Kendrick Lamar Artist Pack
AURORA: Various Melody Collection
Hand-Selected Melody Loops Covering A Wide Variety of Styles & Genres
Aurora includes a selection of our team's favorite melody loops, spanning a variety of different styles to explore.
We tested each of these loops within the context of the DARK SKY plugin, and they sound incredible paired together.
(These samples are highly exclusive, given that they are from Production Suites that are no longer available on our site.)
Azure - 72 BPM F# Min
Facts - 118 BPM E Min
Forgive - 163 BPM C Maj
Joyful - 70 BPM B Min
NOCTURN: Layers Collection
Hand-Selected Melodic Layers & Accents To Add Depth To Your Tracks
NOCTURN includes a selection of our team's favorite melodic layers & accents for adding life to your tracks.
This pack contains tons of different layers to play with, with some of our favorite melodic toplines and accent layers.
(These samples are highly exclusive, given that they are from Production Suites that are no longer available on our site.)
Azimuth - 110 BPM D Min
Burial - 120 BPM C Min
Gemini - 125 BPM C# Min
Outside - 110 BPM A Maj
DRIZZY: Drake Artist Pack
SINNER: J. Cole Artist Pack
Hand-Selected MIDI Compositions For Building Your Own Unique Melodies
NOCTURN features a handpicked selection of our team's favorite MIDI compositions, perfect for crafting your own melody loops.
You can use them as is, edit the MIDI notes or study them to see how we write our melodies.
(These samples are highly exclusive, given that they are from Production Suites that are no longer available on our site.)
Into You MIDI - F Min
Emerald - 85 BPM C Min
Electricity MIDI - D# Min
Visions MIDI 35 - D Min
HORIZON: Vocal Collection
Hand-Selected Vocals For Adding A Touch of Human Emotion To Your Music
HORIZON offers a library full of our team's favorite vocal samples, each recorded by professional vocalists.
This includes a variety of vocals that pair extremely well with DARK SKY’s ethereal effect.
(These samples are highly exclusive, given that they are from Production Suites that are no longer available on our site.)
Walk Away Vocal Loop - 160 BPM F Min
Afterlife Vocal Loop - 84 BPM C# Min
Control Vocal Loop - 164 BPM E Min
I Found Vocal Loop - 127 BPM A# Min
DRIZZY: Drake Artist Pack
SINNER: J. Cole Artist Pack
CRESCENT: Melodic One Shot Collection
Hand-Selected One Shots For Crafting Memorable Melodies From Scratch
CRESCENT brings you a handpicked selection of our team's favorite melodic one shots, recorded with a variety of instruments & vintage synthesizers.
These one shots are perfectly pairable with the MIDI pack included with DARK SKY, so we recommend auditioning them alongside each other using the plugin.
(These samples are highly exclusive, given that they are from Production Suites that are no longer available on our site.)
SYNTH Soft Wail (C)
BELL Digitalis (C)
LEAD Lighthouse (C)
PLUCK Exploration (C)
DARK SKY: Plugin Presets
Explore 50 Handcrafted Presets For DARK SKY
This includes 50 hand designed presets to explore with DARK SKY.
Our team crafted each of these to give you instant inspiration to scroll through, within the preset browser.
(These presets are highly exclusive and they will only be available with the Launch Edition version of DARK SKY.)
DRIZZY: Drake Artist Pack
Cymatics Store Credit
$25 Cymatics Store Credit
Everyone who gets DARK SKY Launch Edition will also receive a free $25 Cymatics Store Credit!
You can use this store credit to buy anything you want from the Cymatics store -- take a look and explore the other soundbanks and products we’ve built up over the years or use it on upcoming packs!
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