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Only 2,250 Copies of Vibrance will be released on Tuesday, July 30th!
Only 2,250 Copies of Vibrance will be released!
What is Vibrance?
Finding your own unique sound is absolutely crucial if you want to make a living with music, inspire others with your songs, or some combination of the two.
That is why we’ve teamed up with San Holo to create our most important production suite to date: Vibrance.
Home to over 2,400 royalty-free samples & loops, Vibrance was carefully designed to help you bring your productions to a professional level and give you total freedom to experiment and define yourself as an artist.
This production suite will not only help you achieve technical perfection, but it’ll also bring you the amazing musicality that San Holo has been able to capture in his own songs.
How was it made?
For Vibrance, we wanted to get San Holo involved and hands-on with the creation process.
So to really make this special, we worked with San Holo to incorporate many of his favourite synthesizers and processing techniques that he uses for his own music.
This included the use of unique hardware such as cassette recorders, vintage synthesizers (like the Yamaha VSS), and MUCH more.
Not to mention, we even had San Holo professionally record his own authentic guitar loops in the studio.
Three Bonus Workshops
We really wanted to take the whole “Vibrance” project to the next level.
Because San Holo’s production techniques and mindset in the studio are just as important as the actual sounds.
So while San was in town, we had him break down his biggest songs in extreme detail so you can see the specific plugins and techniques he uses.
And to take things a step further, you’ll also get full project files of the songs he breaks down!
Three Bonus Sample Packs
In addition to the full production suite and the bonus workshops, you’ll also receive three brand new secret bonus packs with your copy of “Vibrance”.
These three packs were carefully designed by our production team (with San Holo’s guidance and direction) to perfectly compliment the main Production Suite.
We can’t reveal too many details about these just yet, but you WON’T want to miss out on them!
Exclusive San Holo USB
To celebrate the release of Vibrance, and to give back to our most dedicated supporters….
We’re giving and Exclusive San Holo USB to the first 150 producers who get a copy of “Vibrance”!
This USB will come pre-loaded with a secret gift that will never be available anywhere else.
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