Learn sound design techniques to take one shots to the next level!
The Largest Collection of Rare and Iconic Synths We’ve Ever Released
*Only 1,750 licenses will be available on Friday, July 17th at 12PM EST

Premium Collection Of One Shot Samples
From Legendary Synthesizers

Nothing quite captures feeling and emotion like a classic synthesizer.
That's why we've invested months into hunting down some of the most iconic synthesizers of the past 40 years!
We ended up spending $150,000 and built a vast synth collection unlike any other.
Which is why LEGENDS will contain samples from iconic synths like the Prophet 5, Moog Model D, Wavestation, and Jupiter 8 just to name a few.
And considering just how difficult it is to get access to these legendary instruments...
Our entire goal was to bring these iconic synth sounds right from the source and straight to you!
We ended up with an insane collection of legendary synth samples perfect for taking your sound to a whole new level.
If you look back and think about the early days of music production, there was something organic and special about the music.
Our team spent countless hours studying, looking for what exactly created that feeling...
...And we realized that a HUGE part of it was the originality and experimental aspects that birthed such a big influx of timeless and iconic music.

Preview The Power Of "LEGENDS" Below:

Synthesizers Used: ARP2600, Memory Moog, Juno 60
Demo 1 - ARP2600, Memory Moog, Juno-60
Synthesizers Used: Juno 60, Memory Moog
Demo 2 - Juno-60, Moog SubPhatty
Synthesizers Used: Juno 60
Demo 3 - Juno-60
Synthesizers Used: Prophet 5, Memory Moog
Demo 4 - Prophet 5, Memory Moog
Synthesizers Used: ARP2600, Prophet 5, Memory Moog, OBX, Juno 60
Demo 5 - ARP2600, Prophet 5, Memory Moog, OBX, Juno-60

6 Exclusive Bonuses Included For Free

4 Unreleased Cymatics Packs, A Sound Design Course, $50 Cymatics Gift Card, and Limited LEGENDS USB
PARADOX: Melody Collection

This melody collection is completely unique compared to any other melodies we’ve ever put together.
Every single loop in this collection was hand crafted through all of these iconic synthesizers, leaving no single sample sounding even close to similar.
The creative approach for building these melodies was very different... given that we didn’t have the option for MIDI or DAW shortcuts, our team played everything by hand on each synth!
And with the authentic sound of each legendary synth we used, the melodies we ended up with each hold so much character and feeling that you just can’t emulate with a VST.
ENIGMA: MIDI Collection

We all find ourselves in a creative rut sometimes when trying to build original melodic ideas -- especially when it comes to finding that perfect melody to set the vibe of your track.
This collection of high end MIDI compositions make for the ultimate melody design toolkit, with tons of different options to choose from when trying to build your ideas.
Best of all, these pair perfectly with the one shots in the LEGENDS pack… turning a single one shot into a full melodic idea in no time.
With a simple drag and drop, these MIDI compositions can not only help you learn note theory, but also ditch beat block and increase your studio workflow tremendously!
Analog Classics: For Serum

This is a unique collection of analog style melodic presets for the Serum wavetable synth by Xfer.
Our sound designers spent extra time crafting these analog synth presets to pair perfectly with the rest of the synth sounds in LEGENDS.
This pack is perfect for beginners who need help making beautiful and flowing synth sounds or advanced producers who want to tweak a few knobs to create their own sounds.
You’ll get everything you need to make your tracks stand out including lush keys, pads, leads, and much more.
Destiny: DAW Toolkit

To make things even better, our production team put together the ultimate processing toolkit for your DAW.
This will include tons of presets for different effects plugins that will allow you to take the sounds in LEGENDS to another level!
These will include plugin presets for Ableton, Fl Studio, and Logic.
Learn one shot sound design step by step with one of our head producers.
Considering that one shots hold so much value by providing full creative freedom, we decided to top the LEGENDS experience off with a full step by step sound design course by one of our head producers!
Your instructor will cover post processing for each sound and show the entire process in full, so you can design your very own one shots to use in your production.
This way you’ll be able to customize every sound with in-depth detail, giving you more freedom to take your tracks in any direction that you want!
*Course can be used with any DAW
$50 Cymatics Gift Card
As a way of saying thank you for being so supportive, we want to give everyone who gets LEGENDS a free $50 Cymatics Gift Card!
You can use this Gift Card to buy anything you want from the Cymatics store -- take a look and explore the other soundbanks and products we’ve built up over the years or use it on upcoming packs!
We’re going to be giving away an Exclusive LEGENDS USB to the first 150 producers who get a license!
These will come loaded with a special gift that only those 150 people will get.
When we do exclusive USB, they usually sell out within the first few minutes of the launch. So it’s absolutely crucial to get on the waiting list above if you want one of these!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions do not hesitate to contact
With LEGENDS you’ll receive a full license to use anything in the collection, so you have 100% rights to sell beats you create with the pack and place them with no issues.
Besides the sheer quality and character of the melodies, one of the most valuable parts of LEGENDS is the royalty-free aspect, because you will never have to worry about clearing a sample if you land a big placement with your beat!
This is why LEGENDS is such a valuable investment for your career as a producer, not to mention, with only a limited number of licenses available it gives you a massive advantage over the hundreds of thousands of producers who won’t ever have access to this one.
To secure a license and especially grab one of the first 150 usbs, first you will want to join the LEGENDS Early Access List at the top of this page.
This will ensure that you are one of the first producers to receive access to the LEGENDS product page an hour before it goes live to the public!
You will receive a text/email reminder with a link on July 17th, before it goes public at 12PM EST.
LEGENDS is easily our most genre neutral collection that we’ve ever released!
There’s a reason why you hear these synthesizers in records from artists ranging from David Bowie to hip-hop super producers like TakeADayTrip.
The unique character that every sound in this collection possesses translates seamlessly between pretty much any genre!
LEGENDS is compatible with any DAW!
All of the samples included will have .wav format, so you can import them into any DAW with ease!