We will be dropping 1,500 licenses of "DREAMS" on Tuesday, March 10th at 12pm EST!

What exactly is Project "DREAMS"?

A Timeless Collection of Vintage Sounds
For this project our production team has focused heavily on studying what makes a song truly timeless.
We have experimented with countless new techniques for creating top quality vintage recordings, and they are beyond next level.
To do this we did everything from flying out grammy nominated musicians to collaborate with, to importing extremely rare analog equipment that most producers don’t even know still exist.
We’ve introduced real analog processed instruments such as Rhodes, Guitars, Harps, to name a few.
Then we’ve processed everything through tape decks and other vintage analog equipment to give it the warmth that you don’t hear with most music of today.
Living in an almost exclusively digital age where most of everything is emulated through computers, we decided to journey into creating exclusively with the classic analog gear that VST’s simply can’t recreate.
As a result, we ended up with a massive library full of the most nostalgia inducing sounds that will truly leave your tracks sounding nothing short of special.
Huge Library of Analog Processed Drums!
We spent extra time crafting top quality drum samples, all processed through our vintage gear to give them each their own unique sound and warmth that you hear from classic hit 90’s producers such as J Dilla & Alchemist.
This is one of our largest drum sample libraries to date, and each sound has been crafted with a special approach that easily sets them apart from any kit we’ve ever released.
Drum sounds can be the make or break when it comes to creating a track, and you often hear so many recycled drums that don’t have their own identity.
That is why for DREAMS, we spent extra time to make sure that each sample is nothing short of unique, to supply you with a vast variety of sounds to choose from when approaching every track you create.
Am I able to sell beats & get placements using sounds from DREAMS?
With DREAMS, you’ll receive a full license to use anything in the collection at will... So you have 100% rights to sell anything you create with the pack.
Aside from the pure value of quality with these sounds, the most valuable part is, if you land a placement with a beat or have a track posted to streaming networks, you will keep 100% of the streaming earnings if it gets distributed.
...Cymatics does NOT make money from anything you create using DREAMS.
This also means you will not have to deal with the process of trying to clear a sample. (Which can be a NIGHTMARE for producers)
That is why we believe DREAMS is such a great investment for your career as a producer, and only having a limited number of licenses available gives you a HUGE advantage over the hundreds of thousands who won’t have access to this one.
Premium 808s, Synth Bass, & Live Bass Guitar Samples
The bass is always the glue to your mix, and with these samples we’ve created for DREAMS you will find no shortage of options to play around with.
We sat down and put a lot of thought into how we could take a special approach with these bass sounds. From processing live recordings of vintage bass guitars through tape decks, to crafting 808 synths that sound like they were created 30 plus years ago.
We wanted to make sure each bass had tons of character to the sound while still hitting hard for today’s standards.
Overall, this huge selection of bass samples is so next level when it comes to sound design, and whether you make lofi, house, trap, hip hop, r&b, etc... you will easily find a perfect bass sound for any genre you’re looking to create.
To celebrate the release of DREAMS, and to give back to our most dedicated supporters...
We’re giving away an Exclusive DREAMS USB to the first 150 producers who get a license of DREAMS!
This USB will come pre-loaded with a secret gift that will never be available anywhere else.
When we do exclusive USB, they usually sell out within the first few minutes of the launch.
So it’s absolutely crucial to get on the waiting list below if you want one of these!