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Before you leave, check out "VYPR" our latest Hip Hop Premium Sound Library

Only 1,750 Copies of “VYPR” will be released on Tuesday, October 22nd.
An Arsenal of World Class Melodies & Compositions
We’ve actually ended up putting well over $100,000 into this project.
We’ve had studio sessions with dozens of professional musicians.
Everyone from a percussionist who’s been collecting percussion instruments for 40+ years... a grammy nominated pianist who could literally play any style of hip hop melody we wanted...
One of our favorite sessions was actually a harpist who came in with the most beautiful melodies unlike anything we’ve ever heard before!
After seeing how much gold was coming from each studio session, we knew the investment was worth it!
We ended up with a collection of melodies and compositions that you’ll help you create unique beats for the next 5 years!
Perfectly Designed 808s, Synth Basses & Real Bass Guitars
The bass can easily define you and your production.
Producers who don’t have heavy hitting 808s and basses often struggle to stand out with their production.
Which is why we spent so much time with our sound design team hand crafting each 808 & bass to match popular styles of Hip Hop!
We even went over the top and provided a great selection of real bass guitar recording that can add a lot of that feeling to your bass that can make your beats stick out!
Overall, this huge selection of basses alone can have a huge impact on your production.
Our Largest Drum Sample Collection Ever!
Before we even started working on the drums for VYPR, our entire production team did 1 thing...
Studied hundreds of top hip hop beats.
This was everything from modern beats from artists like JuiceWrld, DaBaby, & Migos to even 90s hip hop records from guys like Biggie Smalls & Mobb Deep.
After breaking down every element we could, we mapped out everything that would make VYPR drums the only set of drums you’d ever need.
Then our engineers & drum designers got to work at created thousands of drums to match every style of top Hip Hop produced in the last 30 years!
The results was the biggest & well organized sound libraries we’ve ever created!
What bonuses are included?
In addition to the full production suite, you’ll also get access to 4 brand new unreleased soundbanks with your license of VYPR.
These 4 soundbanks were carefully designed by our production team to perfectly compliment the VYPR Sound Library...
...Including soundbanks such as a lofi sample pack, an entire drums framework and incredible patches for Omnisphere, Serum and Massive!
With these essential expansions, you’ll be able to mix and match to create enormous amounts of unique beats for the next 3 to 5 years.
And these bonuses are only available with the launch of VYPR. Once the 1,750 licenses are sold out, you’ll never get another chance to get these unreleased soundbanks!
Can I sell beats & get placements using VYPR?
When you get VYPR, you’re actually getting a full license to use everything inside the sound library for your production.
The reason why VYPR is so valuable, is because if you make a beat, land a placement, get a record on Spotify, or make money off of your productions in any other way, you will keep 100% of your money...
...You don’t pay Cymatics ANYTHING.
This also means you don’t have to deal with sample clearance. (Which is a producers’ worst nightmare)
Also since you’re going to be one of the exclusive producers to get one of the 1,750 licenses, you’ll have a HUGE advantage over the million of producers who share the same resources online.
Overall this is a phenomenal investment for your beat career and we believe it’s going to take your beat production to a whole different level.
To celebrate the release of VYPR, and to give back to our most dedicated supporters...
We’re giving away an Exclusive VYPR USB to the first 150 producers who get a license of VYPR!
This USB will come pre-loaded with a secret gift that will never be available anywhere else.
When we do exclusive USB, they usually sell out within the first few minutes of the launch.
So it’s absolutely crucial to get on the waiting list below if you want one of these!