Solstice Production Suite
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Sounds Inspired by 15 Unique Genres
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(Stems & MIDI included)

Breaker - 156 BPM A Min
Not Again - 132 BPM E Min
Eunoia - 166 BPM D# Min
Together - 126 BPM G# Min
Trophies - 85 BPM A Maj
Legend - 97 BPM G Min
Heartbreak - 100 BPM F# Min
Ex Text - 121 BPM D Min
Hard Times - 172 BPM G# Min
Closer To You - 94 BPM F# Min
Love - 108 BPM C Min
Decisions - 57 BPM D Min
Amber - 105 BPM A Min
Beg You To - 84 BPM D Min
Abyss - 108 BPM G Min

9 Various Unreleased Melody Collections Included:

*100% Royalty Free For Use.
ZEPHIR: Trap Collection
Placement Ready Trap Melodies Inspired by Travis Scott, Drake & More
In developing the Trap section of SOLSTICE, our goal was to encompass a wide range of modern Trap-inspired melodies.
Each of these melodies are designed for what works best in today's industry, so any given melody is ready for placements.
This collection features distinctive Trap melodies that are designed to shine, seamlessly complementing heavy-hitting drums and 808s.
Breaker - 156 BPM A Min
Crusade - 140 BPM D Min
Huracan - 96 BPM C Min
Medium Rare - 150 BPM B Min
ETHEREAL: RnB Collection
Highly Emotional RnB Melodies Inspired by Artists Like SZA, Drake & More
This collection focuses on the soulful essence of R&B, with smooth, melodic concepts that are ready to transform into full songs right out of the box.
We drew inspiration from a wide array of artists in the R&B scene, including legends like Drake, SZA, H.E.R. & many others.
These tracks are perfect for setting the mood, with unforgettable melodies that captivate the listener from start to finish.
Calm - 137 BPM F# Maj
Hard Times - 172 BPM G# Min
Left Out - 96 BPM G# Min
Temporary - 89 BPM A Min
CHROMA: Pop Collection
Addictive Pop Melodies Inspired by Bruno Mars, The Weeknd & More
This folder focuses entirely on modern Pop inspired by household artist names like Bruno Mars and The Weeknd.
We designed each of these loops to capture the catchy, polished sound that defines the genre, with a smooth and vibrant aesthetic.
These are perfect for tapping into a unique Pop vibe, helping you craft your own distinctive and memorable tracks.
Ex Text - 121 BPM D Min
Caffeine - 100 BPM A# Min
By Myself - 118 BPM B Min
Lifetime - 117 BPM F# Maj
SOLAR: Latin Collection
Vibrant Latin Melodies Inspired by Bad Bunny, Anuel AA & More
In the Latin section of SOLSTICE, we've curated an array of dynamic melodies designed to bring energy and rhythm to your tracks.
Drawing inspiration from influential artists like Bad Bunny, Anuel AA, and others, we've crafted a selection perfect for creating lively and placement-ready Latin music.
If you're aiming to produce infectious beats that get people moving, these loops provide the ideal foundation for building unforgettable and colorful tracks.
Destino - 100 BPM A Min
La Playa - 87 BPM C Min
Legend - 97 BPM G Min
Para Ti - 90 BPM B Min
LUMINAR: Ambient Collection
Ethereal Ambient Melodies Inspired by PARTYNEXTDOOR. Playboi Carti & More
For this section of SOLSTICE, we concentrated on the serene and captivating world of ambient melodic sounds.
This collection features memorable atmospheres inspired by artists such as PARTYNEXTDOOR, Playboi Carti and many others.
Incredibly versatile, this folder transcends specific styles or genres, offering a rich tapestry of sounds that are perfect for painting a moody soundscape.
Abyss - 108 BPM D Min
Broken Dreams - 110 BPM C Min
Missing - 70 BPM A Min
Stuck in Time - 65 BPM E Min
AVALON: Guitar Collection
Lush Guitar Melodies Inspired by The Kid Laroi, Yot Club & More
The guitar section of SOLSTICE offers a collection of emotionally rich guitar melodies tailored to set an instant vibe.
Drawing inspiration from renowned artists like The Kid Laroi, Yot Club and many others, these guitar loops are perfect for adding soulful depth and warmth to your music.
Whether you're aiming to create tracks filled with emotion and soul or splash more of a natural touch into your tracks, this collection provides you with everything you need.
Eunoia - 166 BPM A# Min
Hold On - 148 BPM D Min
Joyride - 86 BPM B Min
Late Flight - 129 BPM F# Maj
PARAGON: Piano Compositions
Emotional & Soulful Piano Compositions Recorded In Live Studio Sessions
Dive into a world of beautiful piano session recordings with this section, capturing the essence of timeless and emotive piano melodies.
These are designed to work well within the context of a variety of genres and styles, and they add a human touch to any track.
Each of these were recorded in live sessions and they shine when paired with a variety of elements, providing a great foundation for rich emotion and musicality.
Avant - 65 BPM D Min
Chess - 93 BPM C Min
Tourist - 80 BPM F# Min
Decisions - 57 BPM D Min
EMBER: Afrobeat Collection
Lively Afrobeat Melodies Inspired by Burna Boy, Wizkid & More
This section captures the vibrant essence of Afrobeats, evoking the rhythmic and melodic richness that defines the genre.
Inspired by artists renowned for their mastery of this sound, including Burna Boy, Wizkid, Davido, and others, these melodies bring the energetic and soulful spirit of Afrobeats to life.
Blend these melodies with dynamic drum patterns and percussive elements to create tracks that are irresistibly rhythmic and full of authentic African vibes.
Amber - 105 BPM A Min
Calm - 100 BPM G Min
Don't Need You - 100 BPM C# Min
Sunset - 96 BPM A Min
ARCANE: Lofi Collection
Highly Nostalgic Lofi Melodies Inspired by Nujabes, Lofi Girl & More
For the Lofi section of SOLSTICE, we delved into the warm, vintage vibes that define the Lofi genre.
Lofi music has a unique charm and has become a beloved subgenre for its soothing and nostalgic qualities.
Drawing inspiration from Lofi artists such as Nujabes, and Lofi radio stations such as Lofi Girl, this collection is perfect for evoking a deep sense of nostalgia and tranquility.
Beg You To - 84 BPM D Min
Find Peace - 87 BPM D# Maj
Sunflower - 84 BPM D# Maj
Temple - 75 BPM A# Min

6 Unreleased EDM & Synth Melody Collections Included:

*100% Royalty Free For Use.
NOCTURNAL: Festival Collection
Festival Style EDM Melodies Inspired by Martin Garrix, AVICII & More
This folder delves into incredibly anthemic melodies that evoke the grandeur of a festival main stage, reminiscent of the iconic sounds of artists like AVICII.
We crafted these with powerful drums and bass in mind, ensuring the melody loops are versatile enough to complement a variety of styles depending on your creative vision.
You can expect a dynamic sound throughout this folder, with melodies that capture the euphoric essence of an epic festival experience.
Together - 126 BPM G# Min
Emotions - 128 BPM A# Min
Tribute - 124 BPM F Min
Serotonin - 128 BPM G Min
TWILIGHT: Vapor Vintage Collection
Nostalgic Vaporwave & Vintage Melodies Inspired by J Cole, The Weekend & More
This pack focuses on the timeless sound of Vintage melodies with a delicate touch of inspiration from the aesthetic of Vaporwave.
Vintage and vaporwave soundscapes have grabbed the ears of listeners for years, infusing tracks with nostalgic and dreamy energy.
For this pack, we drew inspiration from iconic artists known for both sounds including J Cole, The Weeknd, as well as many other underground artists.
Closer To You - 94 BPM F# Min
Mirage - 85 BPM A Min
Panama Sunsets - 80 BPM C# Min
Undercover - 74 BPM D Min
AURORA: London Party Collection
Energy Driven EDM Melodies Inspired by FredAgain, Skrillex & More
This section of SOLSTICE dives into the innovative and eclectic sounds of modern EDM artists like FredAgain.
We included some alternative EDM vibes in this pack, capturing the unique and experimental nature of this style.
These loops are designed to bring a fresh and dynamic energy to your tracks, perfectly pairable with intricate drum patterns to create a compelling and cohesive soundscape.
Not Again - 132 BPM E Min
Could You Ever - 124 BPM D Min
Heart And Soul - 123 BPM G Min
Out Of It - 132 BPM D# Min
AETHER: Synth Collection
Timeless Synth Melodies Inspired by Mike Dean, TimeCop1983 & More
For this section of SOLSTICE, our team immersed themselves in the rich, atmospheric world of synth focused music, drawing inspiration from icons like Mike Dean.
Inside, we curated a diverse selection of lush synthesizer melodies, perfect for crafting unforgettable tracks with a nostalgic yet futuristic vibe.
These melodies are infused with depth and emotion, capturing the timeless and expansive soundscapes that define the Synth style.
Dreamer - 134 BPM C Min
Eighty - 124 BPM D# Min
Galactic - 122 BPM F Min
Trophies - 85 BPM A Maj
OBSIDIAN: Future Bass Collection
Epic Future Bass Melodies Inspired by Flume, Illenium & More
This collection focuses on the vibrant & melodic sounds that define today’s Future Bass music.
These loops are best comparable to artists like Flume or Illenium, perfectly pairable with heavy basslines & dynamic drums.
We drew inspiration from a wide variety of sources in the genre, incorporating rich, atmospheric elements to craft these captivating melodies.
Blue - 142 BPM G Maj
Heartbreak - 100 BPM F# Min
Lollipop - 95 BPM G Min
Satin - 144 BPM A# Min
RADIANT: Sunset Collection
Chill Summer Anthem Melodies Inspired by ODESZA, Jai Wolf & More
For this section of SOLSTICE, our producers immersed themselves in the chill vibes of summer anthem EDM music for inspiration.
Inside, we curated a diverse selection of laid-back, breezy melodies perfect for crafting unforgettable summer hits.
These melodies radiate a relaxed and uplifting energy, inspired by iconic artists such as ODESZA.
Anymore - 115 BPM D Min
Love - 108 BPM C Min
Moments - 140 BPM D Min
Weightless - 90 BPM D# Min

19 Exclusive Launch Bonuses Included For FREE:

*Only 1,000 Licenses Available
EUPHORIA: Drum Loop Collection
Pro Level Drum Bounces For A Wide Variety of Styles & Genres
This pack offers a vast collection of pro level drum patterns, meticulously crafted for both Hip-Hop and EDM.
Each drum loop in EUPHORIA passed several stages of testing across a multitude of playback systems, ensuring its ability to shine in any listening environment.
And with every loop, we offer the original stem layers, empowering you with the freedom to shape and mold the sound to fit your track perfectly.
Spazz Out Drum Loop - 160 BPM
Revenge Drum Loop - 109 BPM
Charging Drum Loop - 91 BPM
Slam Dunk Build Up - 138 BPM
Halcyon - MIDI Collection
Memorable MIDI Compositions Designed To Inspire Your Own Melody Concepts
With HALCYON, our team of seasoned producers crafted a treasure trove of MIDI compositions, offering you the blueprint to forge your own unique melodies.
These MIDI creations are not just versatile; they're chameleon-esque, seamlessly fitting into a myriad of genres and styles, mirroring the diversity found in the main pack's melody loops.
Whether you opt to dissect our melody creation process, tweak the compositions to your liking, or simply integrate them as they are, this pack grants you the autonomy to bring your melody ideas to life.
Always MIDI - G Maj
Blue MIDI - E Min
Paint Red MIDI - A# Min
Purple Lights MIDI - C Min
Crisp & Punchy Drum One Shots Designed For Hip-Hop & EDM
SERENITY covers a vast selection of drum one-shots tailored to complement any style or genre found in the main melody packs.
Each drum one-shot is meticulously crafted to be mix-ready out the box, so there's no need to do any additional processing or tweaking.
You'll be provided with a variety of impactful kicks to crisp snares, dynamic cymbals, percussion, and more for producing hit records.
Snare (Boom)
Kick (Hendrix)
Rim (Milli)
Clap (Sand)
QUASAR: Bass & 808 Collection
Heavy Hitting 808 & Bass Samples Designed To Cut Through Any Mix
Inside QUASAR lies a formidable arsenal of 808 and bass samples that were meticulously crafted by our expert team.
This includes a vast selection of low-end samples designed to transcend boundaries of genre and style, featuring monstrous 808s, heavy reese basses, donks, synth basses, and much more.
This pack provides ultimate authority on bass samples, serving as a definitive resource for crafting impactful low-end frequencies that pack a punch.
808 Accent (C)
DONK Chaos (C)
BASS Room (C)
REESE Obelisk (C)
HARMONY: Vocal Collection
Lush Vocal Loops & Acapellas Recorded by Professional Vocalists
Including a rich selection of emotive vocal loops, and soul-stirring vocal acapellas, we recorded each of these to enhance any genre and style in the pack.
With an abundance of unique vocal samples at your fingertips, finding the ideal vocal expression for your tracks is effortless.
Bring your song concepts to life with a heavy human touch of feeling and emotion, through these vocalist session recordings.
You Said Acapella (Wet) - 130 BPM C# Min
Eunoia Vocal Loop - 166 BPM A# Min
Bay Street Acapella (Wet) - 120 BPM A Min
Bahasa Vocal Loop - 167 BPM G Min
HORIZON: Accent, Phrase & Texture Collection
Unique Melodic Phrases, FX & Textural Accents For Adding Depth To Any Track
Each sound in this collection is meticulously crafted to be mix-ready straight out of the box, providing textural sounds to bring any track to life.
From captivating accents to expressive phrases and rich textures, HORIZON provides everything you need to elevate your tracks and infuse them with unique sonic elements.
Splash these elements throughout your tracks or make them the main focus of your song concepts, the choice is yours.
TEXTURE Super - 142 BPM G# Min
ACCENT Missed - 155 BPM C Min
PHRASE Fantasy - 150 BPM G# Min
TEXTURE Coffin - 150 BPM B Min
HYPERION: Drum Accent Collection
Textural Drum Accents To Create Memorable Moments In Any Track
HYPERION provides a collection of unique drum accents designed to infuse depth and dimension into your music.
Each drum accent inside is meant to compliment your music in a memorable way, whether you’re building tension or adding energy.
We made sure that these were as versatile as possible, so they work well for any style inside of SOLSTICE.
On My Wrist Drum Fill - 112 BPM
Stitch Percussion Fill - 130 BPM
Army Snare Roll - 130 BPM
Teck Hihat Roll - 148 BPM
CRESCENT: Percussion Loop Collection
Dynamic Percussion Loops For Adding Unique Flair To Your Music
This pack focuses on a variety of unique percussion loops that can spice up any style of track you throw them on.
Whether you’re looking to add more depth to a melody, or enhance the bounce on your drums, these are perfect for the job.
We processed each of these in a way that doesn't overpower the rest of your song, so they are highly complementary when it comes to their sound.
Salsa Percussion Loop - 102 BPM
Medallo Percussion Loop - 102 BPM
Machinist Percussion Loop - 80 BPM
Filters Percussion Loop - 140 BPM
RADIANCE: Life Recordings
Organic Nature & Ambience Textures Processed Through Analog Gear
For RADIANCE, our producers explored different natural environments to grab recordings, such as forests, parks, cities and more to capture organic sound.
Each of these were polished with tape processing, adding a ton of character throughout every single sample.
These are perfect for adding that extra bit of flavor to any track you’re working on, try them in your intros, bridges, outros, or even full songs.
Life Recording (Evening)
Life Recording (City Life)
Life Recording (Sparkles)
Life Recording (Montreal)
MIRAGE: Hihat Loop & MIDI Collection
High Level Modern Hihat Bounces For A Variety of Styles & Genres
MIRAGE features a collection of pro level Hi-Hat patterns crafted to work well within various genres and styles from SOLSTICE.
These are perfect for setting the foundational bounce of any track you're working on.
And with the MIDI to accompany each loop, you have the freedom to customize these patterns and steer your song in any direction you like.
Lanes Hihat Loop - 140 BPM
Moving Hihat Loop - 111 BPM
Iced Out Hihat Loop - 95 BPM
Heritage Hihat Loop - 88 BPM
SOLITUDE: Melodic One Shot Collection
Lush & Colorful One Shot Samples For Building Your Own Melodies
This section of SOLSTICE offers an extensive library of melodic one-shots to craft your own melodies from the ground up.
You can easily pair these one shots up with the MIDI inside of the pack, to build memorable melodic concepts.
This includes everything from enchanting keys and lush pads to captivating leads, intricate plucks, and beyond, all at your fingertips.
BELL Chapel (C)
PAD Mars (C)
PLUCK Ashes (C)
VOCAL Aged (C)
TEMPEST: FX Collection
Vibrant and Distinctive FX Samples to Elevate Any Style of Track
TEMPEST explores a rich tapestry of unique ear candy FX, designed to harmonize effortlessly with every genre in the pack.
This pack features heavily immersive atmospheric textures, commanding impacts, hypnotic reverses, risers, and more crafted to ignite your creativity.
Take your tracks to the finish line with these lush FX samples, infusing your music with the distinctive flair that distinguishes your sound from the crowd.
Arp Strike (Rubies) - E Min
Downlifter (Hoover)
Impact (Hereditary)
Tonal Ambience (Hologram) - F Min
MYSTIQUE: Foley Collection
Vibrant and Distinctive FX Samples to Elevate Any Style of Track
MYSTIQUE focuses on a library of unique foley samples for adding more character to your tracks.
Foley textures can make any track stand out, whether you're using them in a subtle way, or making them the rhythmic forefront of your song.
Designed for producers who seek fresh sounds that stand out, this pack is perfect for building a unique sound within any genre.
Foley (Bounce)
Foley (Extension)
Foley (LightSwitch)
Foley (Roll)
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CORROSION: Tonal & Noise Enhancer
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Introducing CORROSION - Cymatics' latest unreleased plugin of 2024! CORROSION allows you to manipulate the frequencies of any audio signal through its powerful noise & tonal controls.
Whether you’re looking to spice up your bass, add more crunch to your drums, or give your melodies a unique edge… CORROSION adds undeniable grit to any sound.
This plugin has never been released, so SOLSTICE owners will get first dibs long before the public ever has access.
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  • Shockwave Bass Engine
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  • Pluto Multi-FX
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The Masterclass will teach you the ins and outs of our top producer's entire creative process through several video modules.
Plus, you'll get an inside look at how our best producer uses the full pack to create full records from scratch.
This means you'll get an exclusive look at the entire creative process from beginning to end, with no cuts.
Live Private Feedback Sessions
(Personalized Song Feedback From The Cymatics Team)

This includes exclusive access to live feedback sessions with other producers who get SOLSTICE and top producers from the Cymatics team.
This will include several private live sessions and Q&A's, where our top producers will be listening to your music and providing personalized feedback.
SOLSTICE: Feedback Sessions
$100 Cymatics Gift Card
$100 Cymatics Gift Card

As a way of saying thank you for being so supportive, we want to give everyone who gets SOLSTICE a free $100 Cymatics Gift Card!
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Exclusive SLAYER USB

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