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Preview samples
(Stems & MIDI included)

Aventus - 101 BPM F Min
Bribery - 127 BPM A# Min
Advanced - 153 BPM C Min
Sarajevo - 140 BPM C Min
Amagasaki - 124 BPM G# Min
Cordoba - 198 BPM C Min
Blades - 150 BPM G Min
Attack - 105 BPM D# Min
Sacred - 150 BPM E Min
Shadows - 120 BPM E Min
Barbarians - 128 BPM D# Min
Reality Drum Loop - 103 BPM
Live Room Hihat Loop - 80 BPM
Hurry Percussion Loop - 130 BPM
Airdrop Vocal Loop - 119 BPM C Min

9 Unreleased Premium Melody Collections Included:

*100% Royalty Free For Use.
VENOM: Trap Melody Collection
Placement Ready Trap Melodies Inspired by Drake, Future & More
In crafting the Trap section of SLAYER, our aim was to capture a diverse array of Trap-inspired melodies.
This included not only looking to the big names that carry the genre, but also the lesser known artists of the underground.
Overall, this is a collection of Trap melodies that are sure to stand out from the crowd, perfectly pairable with hard drums & 808s.
Bribery - 127 BPM A# Min
Emperor - 132 BPM E Min
Aerojet - 145 BPM E Min
Heist - 145 BPM B Min
MAJESTIC: Brass Melody Loop Collection
Colossal Sounding Brass Melodies Inspired by Wheezy, Gunna & More
This pack focuses on the hard hitting sound of Brass, with epic horns that pair up with heavy drums & 808s.
The Brass Trap sound has made waves over the years, with the undeniable energy that it’s able to translate into any record.
We pulled inspiration from artists and producers like Wheezy, Gunna, Lil Baby and many others for this pack.
Fantasy - 119 BPM D Min
Dawnbreaker - 140 BPM D Min
Badbones - 70 BPM F Min
Ambush - 115 BPM G# Min
RADIANT: Guitar Melody Collection
Ethnically Inspired Guitar Melodies Inspired by Artists Like Lil Baby, Young Thug & More
This collection focuses on the ethnic style guitar sounds that you will often find in today’s modern Trap music.
These loops are best comparable to artists like Young Thug or Lil Baby, perfectly pairable with heavy drums & 808s.
We pulled influence from a wide variety of ethnic instruments such as spanish guitar, asian flutes and many more to put these together.
Attributes - 142 BPM C# Min
Cordoba - 198 BPM C Min
Empire - 122 BPM D# Min
Bad Habits - 133 BPM E Min
AXION: Electronic Melody Collection
High Energy Electronic Melodies Inspired by Artists Like Trippie Redd, Yeat & More
Explore the vibrant realm of Electronic music with this section, delving deep into its catchy and unique sound.
Immerse yourself in energy-driven melodies reminiscent of tracks by artists such as Yeat, Trippie Redd, and a myriad of others.
These sounds are quite flexible, but they shine best when paired with crisp punchy drums & heavy bass.
Advanced - 153 BPM C Min
Bullseye - 128 BPM D# Min
Charmer - 122 BPM F Min
Guarded - 140 BPM E Min
OCCULT Vintage Melody Collection
Timeless Vintage Melodies Inspired by Artists Like Westside Gunn, Curren$y & More
This section captures the classic sound of vintage melodies, evoking the timeless charm of vinyl record sampling.
Inspired by artists renowned for their mastery of this sound, including Westside Gunn, Curren$y, The Alchemist and others, these melodies transport listeners to an era of raw authenticity and soulful resonance.
Blend these melodies with crisp or dusty drum samples to construct tracks full of memorable nostalgia and a classic allure.
Amagasaki - 124 BPM G# Min
Broken - 128 BPM D Min
Storm - 60 BPM G Min
Celebration - 78 BPM D Min
REALM: World Melody Collection
Unique World Influenced Melodies Inspired by Latin America, Europe & More
For this section of SLAYER, we turned our focus to the unique instrumentation and influence of music culture worldwide.
This includes memorable sounds that have been inspired by places like Latin America, Europe, Asia & more.
Not to mention, this folder is extremely versatile, as it isn’t style / genre specific… it’s more of a melting pot of different sounds from all over the globe.
Antivirus - 94 BPM G Min
Another Dance - 100 BPM G# Min
Beaming - 95 BPM A# Min
Bermuda - 116 BPM G# Min
ELYSIUM: Cinematic Melody Collection
Epic Cinematic Melodies Inspired by Iconic Film Composers Like Hans Zimmer
This folder dives into some extremely epic sounding melodies that can be comparable to an iconic film score from someone like Hans Zimmer.
We designed these with hard hitting drums & bass in mind, and they melody loops are very versatile to work with multiple styles depending on what you’re looking to create.
You can expect a heavy sound throughout this folder, with melodies that are reminiscent of an epic cinematic movie scene.
Aventus - 101 BPM F Min
Battle Cry - 140 BPM E Min
Castle - 117 BPM C# Min
Devil May Cry - 108 BPM F# Min
ORACLE: RnB Melody Collection
Emotional RnB Melodies Inspired by Artists Like SZA, Bryson Tiller & More
The RnB section of SLAYER features emotionally focused, placement-ready melodies tailored to the modern sound of RnB.
Drawing inspiration from prominent figures like Drake, SZA, H.E.R., and numerous others, these melody loops are ideal for infusing your music with soulful depth and emotional resonance.
Whether you seek to craft tracks brimming with feeling and soul or desire lush instrumentation and vocals, this collection offers the perfect foundation for your musical journey.
Empty Promises - 152 BPM A Min
Bad Decisions - 127 BPM B Min
Mystical - 88 BPM D# Min
Diving - 85 BPM A# Min
VOYAGE: Drill Melody Collection
Menacing Drill Melodies Inspired by Artists Like Central Cee, 808Melo & More
In the Drill section of SLAYER, we've curated an assortment of menacing melody loops designed to complement heavy drums and 808s.
Drawing inspiration from influential figures in the genre, including Central Cee, Fivo Foreign, 808 Melo, and others, we've crafted a selection tailored for crafting hard-hitting and placement-ready Drill tracks.
If you're aiming to create bone-rattling beats, these loops provide the ideal foundation for building unforgettable bangers.
Sarajevo - 140 BPM C Min
Alpha - 135 BPM G Min
Unfazed - 142 BPM D Min
No Chance - 142 BPM D Min

5 Unreleased EDM Melody Collections Included:

*100% Royalty Free For Use.
DRIFT: Phonk Drop Collection
Hypnotic Dark Phonk Melodies Inspired by Artists Like Kordhell, Freddie Dredd & More
Leaving its mark all over viral videos & Tik Tok, Dark Phonk has grown into one of the hottest sounds of the underground today.
We designed each of these loops to capture the hypnotic sound that the genre is known for, with a fast paced & energy driven aesthetic.
TThese are perfect for tapping into a unique aesthetic for building your own unique sound.
Airdrop - 119 BPM A Min
Shadows - 120 BPM E Min
Mission - 141 BPM A# Min
Lean In My Cup - 128 BPM C Min
ASTRAL: Future Bass Drop Collection
Entrancing Future Bass Melodies Inspired by Artists Like Flume, Illenium & More
This collection focuses on the energy driven sound of Future Bass, with melodic concepts that are primed for full songs out of the box.
We pulled inspiration from tons of different artists in the Future Bass scene such as Flume, Illenium and many others.
These are perfect for setting the stage, with memorable melodies that entrance the listener from start to finish.
Blades Part 1 - 150 BPM G Min
Caravan - 150 BPM A# Min
Earthquake - 150 BPM E Min
Savior - 143 BPM D# Min
ZENITH: Mid Tempo Drop Collection
High Energy Melodies Inspired by The Unique Aesthetic of Cyberpunk
This section of SLAYER dives into the retro-futuristic aesthetic of the “Cyberpunk” music culture.
We pulled inspiration from tons of different movies, video games, tv shows and artists to best capture the unique sound of this style.
These are designed to set a high pace and energy for your tracks, perfectly pairable with a driving drum rhythm to bring it all together.
Attack - 105 BPM D# Min
Carnival - 104 BPM E Min
Extraterrestrial - 105 BPM F Min
Scorpion - 102 BPM G# Min
STEALTH: House Drop Collection
Addictive House Melodies Inspired by Artists Like JOYRYDE, Fisher & More
For the House section of SLAYER, we wanted to explore the undeniable sound & energy of the house music scene.
There’s no question that house music is one of the most beloved subgenres of EDM today, and this pack dives into the addictive sound that house music is known for.
This includes inspiration from a wide variety of house artists such as JOYRYDE, Fisher, Swedish House Mafia & more.
Afterparty - 132 BPM D# Min
Southwest - 125 BPM G Phrygian
Chicken Strips - 127 BPM E Min
Colors - 135 BPM C# Min
POISON: Dubstep Drop Collection
Aggressive Dubstep Melodies Inspired by Artists Like Skrillex, Zeds Dead & More
For this section of SLAYER, our team did a deep dive into every corner of the Dubstep music scene for inspiration.
Inside, we ended up with a wide selection of heavy & dirty sounding Dubstep melodies for producing unforgettable bangers.
These melodies carry a ton of aggression and energy throughout, inspired by the iconic grimy sound that the genre is beloved for.
Down - 140 BPM F Min
Sacred - 150 BPM E Min
Acidic - 145 BPM E Min
Blue Subaru - 143 BPM D Min

17 Exclusive Launch Bonuses Included For Free:

*Only 1,750 Licenses Available
HYBRID: Drum Loop Collection
A Vast Library of Drums Patterns For A Wide Range of Styles
HYBRID offers a diverse selection of hard hitting drum patterns, meticulously crafted to complement the various styles featured in the melody collection.
Every drum loop has undergone rigorous testing across multiple playback systems to guarantee its ability to stand out regardless of your listening environment.
We even provide the original stem layers for each drum loop, equipping you with complete control over sculpting the perfect sound for any track.
Reality Drum Loop - 103 BPM
Reality Drum Loop - 103 BPM
Foam Buildup Drum Loop - 140 BPM
Hydro Drum Loop - 90 BPM
MIRROR: MIDI Collection
High Level MIDI Compositions Written To Inspire Your Own Melody Concepts
In the creation of MIRROR, our expert loop specialists crafted a library of MIDI compositions, providing you with the tools to construct your own melodies.
These MIDI compositions are versatile and adaptable, catering to a diverse range of genres and styles akin to those found in the main pack's melody loops.
Whether you study our melody creation approach, customize the compositions, or use them as-is, MIRROR empowers you to shape your melodic ideas effortlessly.
Japan MIDI - B Min
Tension MIDI - G Min
Around MIDI - C Min
Puerto MIDI - C Min
ISOTOPE 808 & Bass Collection
Heavy 808 & Bass Samples For A Low End That Packs A Serious Punch
Inside ISOTOPE lies a formidable arsenal of earth-shattering 808s and bass samples that were meticulously crafted by our expert team.
Dive into a vast selection of low-end samples designed to transcend boundaries of genre and style, featuring thunderous 808s, menacing reese basses, formidable donks, hypnotic synth basses, and beyond.
This pack ended up being sort of an “end all be all” for bass samples in general, including everything you need for heavy hitting low end.
808 Moving Things (C)
808 Dynamo (C)
DONK Monsta (C)
REESE Prefix (C)
RUNES: FX Collection
Memorable Ear Candy FX Samples For Polishing Any Style of Track
RUNES gives you an expansive array of distinctive FX samples, tailored to work seamlessly with any genre.
Explore a wide selection of atmospheric ambience, powerful impacts, mesmerizing reverse effects, exhilarating risers, and beyond.
Elevate your tracks to release-ready perfection by incorporating these expertly crafted FX samples, adding the final flourish that sets your music apart.
Arp Strike (Stairs) - A Min
Various FX (Computer)
Sub Drop (Radiation)
Tonal Ambience (Fury) - A Min
AFFINITY Drum One Shot Collection
Heavy Hitting Drum One Shots Optimized For Any Genre
AFFINITY covers a vast selection of drum one-shots tailored to complement any style or genre found in the melody collection.
Each drum one-shot is meticulously crafted to be mix-ready out the box, saving you time and effort typically spent on tweaking / mixing.
From impactful kicks to crisp snares, dynamic hi-hats, shimmering cymbals, versatile percussion, and beyond, AFFINITY provides everything you need to create bangers.
Kick (Spiral)
Snare (Pristine)
Rim (Borderline)
Snap (Archive)
SHADOW: Foley Collection
Emotionally Driven RnB Melodies Inspired by Drake, SZA, H.E.R. & More
This section focuses on the emotional sound of modern RnB, with placement ready melodies for a variety of vibes.
For these melody loops, we pulled inspiration from major artists such as Drake, SZA, H.E.R. & many others.
These are perfect if you’re looking to make music with a ton of feeling & soul, with lush instrumentation and vocals throughout.
Foley (Movie)
Foley (Bean Bag)
Foley (Tape Machine)
Foley (Crinkle)
PENDULUM Hihat Loop & MIDI Collection
Textural Foley Samples For Adding Character & Depth To Any Track
SHADOW delivers on a library of unique foley samples for adding more character to your tracks.
Foley textures elevate your beats from average to exceptional, adding a unique touch that sets your production apart.
Perfect for artists seeking fresh sounds, this pack injects vitality into your drums, enhancing your tracks with newfound depth and expression.
Allure Hihat Loop - 155 BPM
Live Room Hihat Loop - 80 BPM
Blade Hihat Loop - 166 BPM
Iron Hihat Loop - 146 BPM
COSMOS: Percussion Loop Collection
Dynamic Percussion Loops To Add Dimension and Flair to Your Music
COSMOS includes an extensive array of textural percussion loops, ideal for enhancing both your drum patterns and melodies.
Versatile enough to seamlessly integrate into any genre, from Trap to RnB, Drill to EDM, and beyond.
These loops are meticulously pre-processed to effortlessly slot into your mix, requiring no additional processing to find the right fit.
Hurry Percussion Loop - 130 BPM
Afro Percussion Loop - 110 BPM
Robobreak Percussion Loop - 160 BPM
Mainframe Percussion Loop - 78 BPM
MOSAIC Vocal Loop Collection
Expertly Recorded & Processed Vocal Loops For A Wide Range of Styles
MOSAIC offers a diverse range of dynamic vocal loops crafted to infuse energy & feeling nto your mixes.
Pre-processed to seamlessly sit into any track, these vocals add a touch of depth to every genre, be it Trap, RnB, EDM, and beyond.
Airdrop Vocal Loop - 119 BPM C Min
Airplane Vocal Loop - 172 BPM A Mi
Blades Vocal Loop - 150 BPM G Min
Hardcore Vocal Loop - 96 BPM F Min
ESSENCE: Accent & Phrase Collection
Melodic Accents & Phrases For Adding Unique Ear Candy To Your Music
ESSENCE provides you with even more creative inspiration for adding life and polish to your tracks.
This includes unique melodic accents & phrases to spice up any style of music that you’re looking to make.
Simply drag these into your project to infuse it with unforgettable moments that captivate listeners from start to finish.
ACCENT Betrayal - 120 BPM C Min
ACCENT Laser - 150 BPM G Min
PHRASE Credit - 100 BPM B Min
PHRASE Wrote - 91 BPM C Min
PLASMA: Melodic One Shot Collection
Vibrant Melodic One Shots For Building Your Own Melodies
PLASMA offers an extensive array of melodic one-shots to craft unforgettable melodies from scratch.
Designed to seamlessly complement the MIDI collection included in SLAYER, these one-shots facilitate effortless exploration of stand-out melodic concepts.
This includes everything from enchanting keys and lush pads to captivating leads, intricate plucks, and beyond, all at your fingertips.
INSTR Respect (C)
SYNTH Born (C)
PLUCK Cyber (C)
BASS Foreign (C)
SHARDS: Serum Preset Bank
Expertly Designed EDM Presets For Xfer’s Serum VST
It’s been years since we’ve released a new preset bank for Xfer’s Serum plugin!
This bank is fully inspired by the multiple subgenres of EDM inside of SLAYER, with sounds for House, Future Bass, Dubstep & more.
Inside, you’ll find everything from Leads, Keys, Plucks, Basses and many more sounds for building your own memorable melodies.
*(Plugin Not Included)
ARP - Dominator
BASS - Does The Job
CHORD - Underground
PLUCK - Phonky
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SHOCKWAVE: Secret Unreleased Cymatics Plugin
(Exclusive Early Access)

Everybody that gets SLAYER will also get exclusive access to a brand new unreleased Cymatics plugin called SHOCKWAVE.
This plugin has never been released, so SLAYER owners will get first dibs long before the public ever has access.
BOOM'N COLLECTION: Metro Boomin & Future Inspired Samples

We decided to put together this secret collection inspired by Metro Boomin's latest album with Future.
These 4 packs will be included for free, for all 1,750 people that get SLAYER on April 26th.
Inside, we included brand new Melodies, Drum One Shots, 808s, FX & Drum Loops inspired by Metro's new music.
For the best chance of getting these, make sure you join the SLAYER Waiting List.
SLAYER: Production Course
SLAYER: Production Course
Level Up & Learn Directly From Top Producers on The Cymatics Production Team

The Masterclass will teach you the ins and outs of our top producer’s entire creative process through several video modules.
Plus, you’ll get an inside look at how our best producer uses the full pack to create full records from scratch.
This means you’ll get an exclusive look at the entire creative process from beginning to end, with no cuts.
Live Private Feedback Sessions
(Get Feedback on Your Songs From The Cymatics Team)

This includes exclusive access to live feedback sessions with other producers who get SLAYER and top producers from the Cymatics team.
This will include several private live sessions and Q&A’s, where we’ll be listening to your music and providing feedback.
SLAYER: Feedback Sessions
Exclusive SLAYER USB
Collectors Edition SLAYER USB
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500 Exclusive USBs will be given out on a first come, first serve basis.
We’re going to be giving away an Exclusive SLAYER Collectors Edition USB to the first 500 producers who get a license on launch day!
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As a way of saying thank you for being so supportive, we want to give everyone who gets SLAYER a free $100 Cymatics Gift Card!
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$100 Cymatics Gift Card

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Cymatics Samples Have Been Used By
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    Bad Bunny
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    Anuel AA
    Digga D
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    Roddy Ricch
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    Trippie Redd
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    Lil Uzi Vert
    Megan Thee Stallion
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    Key Glock
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    Central Cee
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    Nicki Minaj
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