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Premium Studio Session Recordings For Creating Timeless Music

1000 Licenses Available For SESSIONS Launch Edition
$100 VALUE
High Level MIDI Compositions Derived From Professional Pianist Sessions

We’ve spent a ton of time working with talented pianists to capture their skillful playing, translating the sessions into MIDI compositions.
You’ll get access to a wide range of different MIDI files in a variety of different styles, to bring an elegant human touch into your melodies.
Sessions Latin MIDI 6 - F Min
Sessions Soul MIDI 8 - E Maj
Sessions Soul MIDI 19 - B Min
Sessions Various MIDI 6 - B Min
SESSIONS: Bass Collection
Powerful Bass One Shots To Push Your Low End To New Heights

To bring it all together, this section of SESSIONS focuses on hand processed bass one shots, optimized to boost the low end of your music.
Inside we included everything from Electric Basses, Instrument Basses, Analog Basses, and even 808s, so you have a ton of options for any style of track.
808 Python (C)
BASS Electric Vintage Wide (C)
BASS Jazz Upright (C)
DONK Tiles (C)
SESSIONS: Bass Collection
Sessions: Melody Compositions
SESSIONS: Melody Compositions
$150 VALUE
Compositions That Capture The Artistic Vision of Professional Studio Musicians

This section of SESSIONS hones in on capturing the vision of each studio musician that we worked with for this project.
We took all of our recordings and worked them into colorful melody compositions for a variety of styles and genres, delivering on the essence & feeling of live music.
Sessions Guitar Loop - 93 BPM C# Min
Sessions Latin Loop - 100 BPM G# Min
Sessions RnB Loop - 90 BPM B Min
Sessions Trap Loop - 121 BPM F# Min
SESSIONS: Drum Breaks
Raw Sounding Drum Breaks That Carry The Human Touch of Live Drumming

There’s no question that rhythm is the driving force behind live music, so we turned a ton of our focus onto the drumming aspect of this process.
And so we were able to record a wide array of insane drum breaks, capturing the human touch that translates through the art of live drumming.
Drive Drum Break - 90 BPM
Fever Drum Break - 75 BPM
Paris Drum Break - 86 BPM
Veil Drum Break - 86 BPM
Sessions: Drum Breaks
Sessions: Instrument One Shots
SESSIONS: Instrument One Shots
$100 VALUE
Hand Processed One Shots Recorded Directly From Iconic Instruments

Along our journey for SESSIONS, we were blessed with the opportunity to access so many different iconic instruments that have shaped the course of music history.
So we decided to pull one shot samples from each of these, including Keys, Strings, Woodwinds, Brass, and so many others, that you can essentially play right inside of your DAW.
BELL Tropicana (C)
INSTR Violin Stab (C)
KEYS Pensive (C)
SYNTH Guts (C)
SESSIONS: Instrument Phrases
$125 VALUE
Memorable Instrument Phrases To Add Organic Flavor To Your Music

For SESSIONS, we paid close attention to the subtle nuances within every session to leave no artistic potential untouched.
And as a result, there were so many instrument phrase recordings that we pulled out of our time in the studio with these musicians that are perfect for not only complimenting your tracks, but to even build full concepts around.
Flute Phrase 4 - 120 BPM F Min
Oud Phrase 5 - 120 BPM D Min
String Phrase 1 - 130 BPM E Min
Violin Phrase 6 - 135 BPM B Min
Sessions: Instrument Phrases

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SESSIONS: Start to Finish Production Course
See how to get the most out of SESSIONS with our top producers

We put together this production course to show you how to get the most out of the sounds in SESSIONS.
One of our top producers will be showing you everything from Sound Selection, Drum Programming, to Mixing, and finalizing your ideas for multiple sections of the pack.
You’ll get an inside look at how we produce music, with secret tips and tricks taught from one of our best instructors.
Course will be released on Friday, 6/16/23
Our Secret Go-To Collection of Live Instrument Studio Session Recordings

This pack is a secret collection of live instrument recordings that our team has stashed, from 10,000+ hours of studio sessions over the years.
This collection includes recordings for everything from premium Guitars, Flutes, Keys, Brass, and so much more.
Elements Brass Phrase - 76 BPM A Min
Elements Synth Phrase - 87 BPM C Min
Elements Trumpet Phrase - 123 BPM D Min
Elements Violin Phrase - 124 BPM D# Min
Elements: Instrument Phrases
Voyage: World Percussion
Rare Percussion Recordings Inspired By The Cultures Around The World

This collection details years worth of studio sessions with rare percussion collectors, capturing some of the most unique percussion sounds around the world.
Inside you’ll find a variety of unique percussion instruments, inspired places such as Africa, South America, India, Asia, & more.
Perc (Djembe)
Perc (Doumbek)
Perc (LaserSpring)
Perc (MorningDew)
Vibrant One Shot Samples Pulled From a Wide Range of Iconic Instruments

Spectrum showcases a wide range of our favorite one shot recordings that we’ve pulled from some of the most iconic instruments in the world.
So you’ll be able to essentially play these instruments right inside of your DAW, straight off of the one shot samples inside.
INSTR Flute Strike (C)
INSTR Impossible Piano (C)
INSTR Koto (C)
INSTR Plink Bell (C)
Spectrum: Live Instrument One Shots
Velvet: Vocal Collection
Professional Male & Female Vocalist Recordings That Paint A Vivid Picture

Velvet focuses entirely on the recording sessions that we’ve done with professional male and female vocalists in the past 7 years.
We’ve included some of our favorite processed vocal loops, optimized for bringing a special human touch of emotion to your tracks.
Abstract Vocal Phrase - 141 BPM F# Min
Free Spirit Vocal Phrase - 164 BPM A Maj
Like Me Vocal Phrase - 138 BPM G Min
Love Waits Vocal Phrase - 167 BPM B Min
Flavorful Foley Textures Captured From Percussion Artists & Collectors

For Oasis, we’ve worked with top professional foley percussion artists throughout the years and this pack details our favorite recordings.
These are perfect for bringing that extra flair and texture to your music, giving it a unique and flavorful feeling throughout.
Oasis Metal Foley 29
Oasis Water Foley 9
Oasis Water Foley 33
Oasis Wood Foley 15
Oasis: Vocal Samples
Random Collectors Edition USB
Random Collector’s Edition USB
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100 Exclusive USBs will be given out on a first come, first serve basis.
We’re going to be giving away an Exclusive Random USB to the first 100 producers who get an SESSIONS license!
$100 VALUE
$100 Cymatics Gift Card

As a way of saying thank you for being so supportive, we want to give everyone who gets SESSIONS a free $100 Cymatics Gift Card!
You can use this Gift Card to buy anything you want from the Cymatics store -- take a look and explore the other soundbanks and products we've built up over the years or use it on upcoming packs!
*Gift Cards will be sent to your email 24 - 48 hours after your purchase, each order is only eligible to receive only 1 Cymatics Gift Card.
$100 Cymatics Gift Card

Frequently Asked Questions

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SESSIONS Launch Edition is only available for 1000 people.

However, we will be releasing the individual packs from the main collection later on for around $100 each.

Keep in mind, this would cost around $600 to collect all of them and will not include any of the free bonuses.

On the 100 USBs, we’re including a random selection of Cymatics samples.

These are handpicked by the team, and will be exclusive to those 100 users.

If you already own any of the packs included in the free bonuses, you can swap them out for packs of your choosing.

Just email with any replacement requests and we’ll gladly hook you up.

No it doesn’t.

All gift card balances will remain if unused, you can save them for future releases if you like.

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