Preview the mood driven sounds of our latest project PRISM!

Listen to the sounds of PRISM:

Found You - 130 BPM F Maj (Emerald)
Hollywood - 83 BPM B Min (Gold)
I Am Not The Same - 129 BPM B Maj (Amber)
Revival - 160 BPM B Min (Crimson)
Storm - 142 BPM C Min (Obsidian)

Exploring 7 Unique Moods: The Relationship Between Music & Color

Every single piece of music has its own unique vibe or mood, and the same goes for colors.

Warm colors like Yellow or Orange tend to make you feel more happy, similar to a summer inspired guitar riff.

Cool colors like Blue or Purple give more of a melancholic or relaxing feeling, like distant pads and keys filling a mix.

And this entire ideology has been the driving force behind PRISM.

We’re exploring the 7 distinct moods of the color spectrum, to deliver a library of sounds for any type of vibe.

Just listen to the melodies in the PRISM Preview Pack, you can visualize the colors that inspired each sound.

PRISM drops this Friday!