Listen to the insane possibilities of our latest project PRISM!
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Explore 7 Unique Moods of Color That Inspire Any Style of Production

Our top producer made some insane demo tracks with sounds from our latest project PRISM.

As I mentioned before, this project is inspired by 7 unique moods from the spectrum of color.

If you listen closely to the demo songs, you can visualize the color that each track was inspired by.

The aggressive Trap demo paints shades of Red, the soulful Dancehall demo paints summer waves of Orange… and so many more.

Overall these tracks really capture the vision we had for PRISM, and I'm super excited for you to experience it first hand.

Whether your production vibe is Dark, Happy, Sad, Nostalgic, High Energy, etc, this project allows any producer to get inspired.

PRISM drops this Friday at 2PM EST!