Complete The PHOENIX Experience With The Platinum Expansion!

*This a limited time offer and will not be available after this page

Phoenix - Platinum Expansion

What is the PHOENIX Platinum Expansion?

After finalizing PHOENIX, our team ended up having hours worth of additional sessions between the 20+ producers on the team.

This pack gives you exclusive access to 75 extra unreleased melodies, which all pair perfectly with the sounds in the main collection.

Similar to the rest of PHOENIX, this pack explores the multi-genre vision that we had for this project.

Not to mention, the Platinum Expansions for our major launches always end up becoming some of our most rare packs...

So if you decide to grab this one, you’re going to be one of the select few to have exclusive access to these melodies.

Take advantage of this one-time opportunity to get the PHOENIX Platinum Expansion before it's gone.

Preview samples from PHOENIX Platinum Expansion

Ablaze - 135 BPM C# Min
Guarded - 86 BPM E Maj
Militia - 135 BPM A# Min
Into You - 155 BPM A# Maj
Amulet - 137 BPM C Min
Dawn - 90 BPM F# Min
Healing - 90 BPM C Min
Northern - 110 BPM D# Maj