World Percussion Bonus Pack
World Percussion Bonus Pack
Frame Drum Large
Gong Large
Rainstick Medium
Stacked Shakers
Talking Drum

EMPEROR is a bonus pack included with PHARAOH!

$127 VALUE
$127 VALUE
EMPEROR: World Percussion

It’s always interesting and exciting when a producer can incorporate international influences into their music.
That’s why for months now, we’ve been investing in tons of rare percussion instruments from all across the world.
Inside you’ll find a variety of unique percussion instruments, inspired places such as Africa, South America, India, Asia, & more.
Because even though we are aiming to create the hardest hitting drums of all time, we also believe that having unique drums is equally as important!
Keep in mind, this pack is only a taste of what’s to come when you get the full version of PHARAOH!
How was it made?

We’ve spent hours and hours in studio sessions and recorded tons of rare culturally inspired percussion instruments.
This meant searching for extremely rare percussion instruments that most everyday producers would never even have access to...
Each drum sample inside is nothing short of unique, and captures a different part of the world and cultures from all over.
Not to mention, every one of these instruments was recorded & processed through our analog equipment to add special harmonic character in every sample!