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Inspired by Latin, Drill & Afrobeats
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(Stems & MIDI included)

Amazon - 95 BPM F# Min
Alive - 100 BPM A Min
Distress - 142 BPM D Min
El Jefe - 115 BPM G# Min
Impress - 105 BPM B Min
Bastille - 142 BPM F Min
Carnival - 98 BPM F Min
Crave - 100 BPM G# Min
Sirens - 140 BPM G Min
Animal Drum Loop - 110 BPM
Yearbook Drum Loop - 142 BPM
Duppy Drum Loop - 100 BPM
Clap (Foreign)
Kick (Plata)
Snare (Apron)

9 Brand New Sample Collections Included:

Only 750 Licenses Are Available for
PARADOX II: Latin Melodies
PARADOX II: Latin Melodies
Placement Ready Melody Loops Inspired by Bad Bunny, Anuel AA & More

For this pack, we carefully designed passionate melodies that resonate with distinct character, drawing inspiration from the sounds of Latin culture.
As we crafted each melody progression, we aimed to capture the very heart and soul of Latin music, influenced by iconic artists such as Bad Bunny & Anuel AA.
There is a ton of feeling captured throughout each loop, so they’re perfect if you’re looking to catch an instant vibe.
Amazon - 95 BPM F# Min
Carnival - 98 BPM F Min
El Jefe - 115 BPM G# Min
Otro Dia - 106 BPM F Min
PARADOX II: Latin Drum Loops
Pulsing Drum Loops Inspired by The Biggest Latin Hits

There’s no questioning that the drums of a Latin record carry the pulse of the music.
That's why we dedicated ourselves to creating an array of dynamic drum rhythms inspired by Dancehall and Reggaeton.
Each rhythm, meticulously programmed and processed, is engineered to cut through any mix, all while maintaining the infectious bounce that defines Latin culture.
Animal Drum Loop - 110 BPM
Flame Drum Loop - 100 BPM
Xplota Drum Loop - 96 BPM
Campari Drum Loop - 96 BPM
PARADOX II: Latin Drum Loops
PARADOX II: Latin Drum Kit
Crisp Drum One Shots For Producing Latin Inspired Bangers

This pack covers the authentic drum sounds of Latin culture honing in on the distinct rhythms of Dancehall and Reggaeton.
Explore a curated selection of premium Kicks, Snares, Rimshots, Hi-Hats, and more, meticulously designed to seamlessly blend into the diverse landscape of Latin subgenres.
When paired with the melodies, these drum sounds allow you to easily create hit Latin records from the ground up.
Snare (Rompe)
Kick (Plata)
Rim (Embody)
Clap (Brick)
PARADOX II: Afrobeats Melodies
Placement Ready Melodies Inspired by Burna Boy, Drake & More

For the Afrobeats section of PARADOX II, our team did a deep dive into the genre’s biggest artists for inspiration.
This includes major artists like Burna Boy, Drake, and many others that carry the flag for the Afrobeats genre.
These melodies are perfect for setting an instant vibe, filled with tons of emotion and energy throughout the pack.
Alive - 100 BPM A Min
Impress - 105 BPM B Min
Crave - 100 BPM G# Min
Know You - 102 BPM G Min
PARADOX II: Afrobeats Melodies
PARADOX II: Afrobeats Drum Loops
PARADOX II: Afrobeats Drum Loops
Bounce Focused Drum Loops For Producing Soulful Afrobeats

These drum loops are all about the bounce and rhythm found within the Afrobeats genre.
With a heavy inspiration on Dancehall / Reggaeton, these drum loops are perfect for creating pulsating hit songs.
Pair these up with the melody loops to easily start creating placement ready beats for artists like Burna Boy or Drake.
Hangout Drum Loop - 103 BPM
Duppy Drum Loop - 100 BPM
Back Drum Loop - 98 BPM
Sunshine Drum Loop - 95 BPM
PARADOX II: Afrobeats Drum Kit
Afrobeats Inspired Drum One Shots That Cut Through Any Mix

These drum one shots allow you to build your own Afrobeats drum tracks from the ground up.
Inside, you’ll find everything from crisp Kicks, Snares, Claps, Hihats, Cymbal & more, all designed to fit the aesthetic of the style.
Create your own Afrobeats style rhythms or use them for whatever genre you wish, they are versatile for any use.
Clap (Project)
Kick (Feeling)
Rim (Since)
Snare (Apron)
PARADOX II: Afrobeats Drum Kit
PARADOX II: Drill Melodies
PARADOX II: Drill Melodies
Placement Ready Melody Loops Inspired by Central Cee, Fivio Foreign & More

For this collection, we focused entirely on capturing the hard hitting aesthetic of today’s Drill music.
Each melody loop is composed and processed to pair seamlessly with heavy drums and 808s in mind.
Inspired by the prowess of leading artists and producers like Central Cee, Abra Cadabra, and more, these melodies encapsulate the essence of the genre's monumental influence.
Distress - 142 BPM D Min
Bastille - 142 BPM F Min
Sirens - 140 BPM G Min
Artemis - 141 BPM B Min
PARADOX II: Drill Drum Loops
Mix-Ready Drill Drum Loops Designed For Heavy Hitting Tracks

Capturing the raw and heavy hitting sound of Drill, we designed a variety of punchy and aggressive drum loops.
These drum loops were created to capture the unique bounce of Drill, providing the relentless and driving rhythm that it's loved for.
Additionally, we've included the stem track outs for each drum loop, allowing you to personalize each drum layer and tailor it to the specific needs of your track.
Yearbook Drum Loop - 142 BPM
Harpoon Drum Loop - 141 BPM
Bow Drum Loop - 140 BPM
Turnt Drum Loop - 138 BPM
PARADOX II: Drill Drum Loops
PARADOX II: Drill Drum Kit
PARADOX II: Drill Drum Kit
Heavy Drill Inspired Drum One Shots To Punch Through Any Mix

Each drum sample in this collection was designed to capture the heavy & punchy sound that Drill music is known for.
Inside this pack, you'll get a wide array of hard hitting drum samples including powerful 808s, Kicks, sharp Snares, crisp Hi-Hats, Cymbals, and much more.
These drum one shots are purposefully designed to slice through any mix effortlessly , seamlessly blending with heavy bass driven tracks.
Kick (Anvil)
Clap (Foreign)
Snare (Napalm)
Rim (Spill)

5 Exclusive Launch Bonuses Included For Free:

*Only 750 Licenses Are Available.
AVALON: Guitar Loop Collection
Lush & Emotional Guitar Loops Recorded by Professional Guitarists

This bonus pack was designed to give you a variety of emotional guitar melodies that work well for pretty much any genre of music.
These were all recorded and processed by our team, alongside highly skilled guitarists and processed to perfection.
Whether it’s Pop, RnB, Trap, House, Dancehall, etc, there is something for every style in here.
Apprentice - 129 BPM A Maj
Brain Fog - 74 BPM B Maj
City - 125 BPM C Min
Feelings Happen - 140 BPM G# Min
AVALON: Guitar Loop Collection
PEGASUS: MIDI Collection
PEGASUS: MIDI Collection
Placement Ready MIDI Compositions For A Variety of Different Genres

Between BPM changes, transposing, sound selection, and post processing, you can take 1 MIDI file into a thousand different directions.
So whether you want to learn how we write placement ready melodies, edit the MIDI and create new compositions, or simply use them as is...
This pack contains a variety of unique and complex MIDI, to give you a plenty of different styles for creating placement ready melodies.
Nosedive MIDI - F Min (Ambient)
Outer MIDI - C Min (Synth)
Wave MIDI - D# Min (Electronic)
Common MIDI - E Maj (Various)
Levels MIDI - E Min (Afrobeats)
Realist MIDI - G# Min (RnB)
Magic MIDI - G Min (Trap)
Paper MIDI - G Min (Vintage)
Hijacked MIDI - B Min (Drill)
LABYRINTH: Percussion Loop Collection
Textural Percussion Loops To Add Life To Drums & Melodies

LABYRINTH delivers on a variety of textural percussion loops that work for multiple different genres.
These are designed and pre-processed to subtly add character and depth to any track you add them to.
Whether you’re producing Latin, Drill, Afrobeats, Trap, Lofi, etc, these are extremely versatile.
Damage Percussion Loop - 95 BPM
Casket Percussion Loop - 144 BPM
Bahamas Percussion Loop - 103 BPM
Adventure Percussion Loop - 101 BPM
LABYRINTH: Percussion Loop Collection
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$50 Cymatics Gift Card

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