Hard Hitting Placement Ready Trap
Melodies, 808s, Drums & FX
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(Stems & MIDI included)

Ashes - 130 BPM C Min
Bloodshed - 120 BPM A Min
Burial - 120 BPM C Min
Chaos - 140 BPM B Min
Dark Arts - 110 BPM A Min
Digital - 140 BPM G# Min
Eternity - 150 BPM E Min
Fantasy - 135 BPM D# Min
Army Drum Loop - 120 BPM
Monster Drum Loop - 135 BPM
808 Device (C)
REESE Scanner (C)
Bounce Percussion Loop - 136 BPM
Atlanta Hihat Loop - 161 BPM
Various FX (Shot)

7 Heavy Hitting New Sample Collections Included:

Only 500 Licenses Are Available for
OBLIVION: Melody Loop Collection
OBLIVION: Premium Melody Collection
Heavy Placement Ready Melody Loops For Hard Hitting Trap

This collection includes high energy melodies that capture the essence of Dark Trap heavy hitting music.
Drawing heavy inspiration from top-tier artists like Nardo Wick, Lil Baby, Gunna, and more, we've crafted brooding melodies that sync perfectly with heavy 808s & drums.
Inside this pack, you'll find a variety of placement-ready melodies, plus full stems & MIDI for creative control over every loop.
Ashes - 130 BPM C Min
Bloodshed - 120 BPM A Min
Fantasy - 135 BPM D# Min
Eternity - 150 BPM E Min
ARMAGEDDON: Drum Loop Collection
Professional Level Drum Bounces Designed For Trap Bangers

ARMAGEDDON provides pro level drum loops, rigorously tested by our team through real beats created with the pack.
This section offers a diverse array of hard-hitting drum bounces that you can effortlessly drag and drop into your tracks.
Each drum loop is meticulously processed for maximum impact, and we’ve included full stems for every loop to give you complete control over your sound.
Army Drum Loop - 120 BPM
Bullets Drum Loop - 150 BPM
Monster Drum Loop - 135 BPM
Forge Drum Loop - 128 BPM
ARMAGEDDON: Drum Loop Collection
Heavy Hitting Drum Samples Processed To Slice Through Any Mix

Our team analyzed the most powerful drums in the industry to assemble a diverse selection of Kicks, Snares, Claps, Hi-Hats, and more, all designed to pack a serious punch.
Every element inside is pre-processed for maximum impact, perfectly aligning with the hard-hitting sound of today’s Dark Trap music.
These sounds are ready to use straight out of the box, requiring no additional processing to cut through the mix with precision.
Kick (Canvas)
Snare (Crisp)
Rim (Bullish)
Clap (Atom)
RAGNAROK: 808 & Bass Collection
Monstrous 808 & Bass Samples That Pack a Heavy Punch

RAGNAROK is our latest collection of the hardest 808s & basses that we’ve ever put together.
This includes a variety of different low end styles including distorted 808s, long & short 808s, reese basses, donks, and more.
Everything inside has been processed and tested through multiple sound systems, to ensure that they punch through on any speaker system.
808 Device (C)
BASS Run (C)
DONK Afterlife (C)
REESE Scanner (C)
RAGNAROK: 808 & Bass Collection
RUINS: Percussion Loop Collection
RUINS: Percussion Loop Collection
Textural Percussion Loops For Adding Energy & Depth To Your Tracks

RUINS offers a diverse collection of textural percussion loops, ideal for enhancing your drums and melodies.
These loops are versatile enough to fit seamlessly into any bounce you’re looking to create.
Each loop is pre-processed for a perfect mix-ready sound straight out of the box, eliminating the need for additional processing.
Bounce Percussion Loop - 136 BPM
Zone Six Percussion Loop - 120 BPM
Hillside Percussion Loop - 150 BPM
Like Us Percussion Loop - 100 BPM
MELTDOWN: Hihat Loop & MIDI Collection
Bounce Driven Hi-Hat Loops Handwritten For Hard Trap

MELTDOWN features an array of meticulously crafted handwritten hi-hat loops and MIDI files tailored for producing Trap.
These loops will simplify the process of creating your next hi-hat pattern and spark new ideas, thanks to the versatility of the included MIDI files.
Each pattern was designed within the context of beats we've created using this pack, ensuring they seamlessly integrate with anything you produce using OBLIVION.
Atlanta Hihat Loop - 161 BPM
Finesse Hihat Loop - 156 BPM
Sizzle Hihat Loop - 133 BPM
Chrome Hihat Loop - 160 BPM
MELTDOWN: Hihat Loop & MIDI Collection
ENDGAME: FX Collection
ENDGAME: FX Collection
Unique FX Samples To Take Your Music To The Next Level

This collection is dedicated exclusively to unique FX samples, designed to work perfectly with hard hitting trap music.
Our team of producers spent extra time crafting each of these, referencing the rest of the sounds in OBLIVION so they work seamlessly.
You can easily drag these into any project to add that extra touch of flair, elevating and intensifying your tracks.
Various FX (Shot)
Riser (Decimate) - 120 BPM
Downlifter (Weird)
Impact (CloseCall)

6 Exclusive Launch Bonuses Included For Free:

Only available for the 500 producers that get OBLIVION
OBLIVION: Production Course
Learn how our top producer creates heavy Dark Trap using OBLIVION

We put together this production course to show you his entire process for making bangers using the sounds inside of OBLIVION.
One of our top producers Nick will be showing you everything from Sound Selection, Drum Programming, to Mixing, and finalizing your ideas for multiple sections of the pack.
You’ll get an inside look at how we produce music, with secret tips and tricks taught from one of our best instructors.
3 Packs of Placement Ready Trap & Drill Melodies With Stems & MIDI

This bonus collection details 3 of our favorite hand-selected GEMS melody packs that pair perfectly with OBLIVION.
This includes a variety of different melodies to give you even more fuel for making hard hitting tracks.
Each melody inside includes their original stems & MIDI as well, to give you full creative control over each sound.
Energy Melody
Toronto Melody
Prayers Melody
Fish Scale Melody
GEMS Melody Bundle
APEX One Shots Bundle
3 Packs of Handcrafted One Shots For Building Your Own Melodies

We’re including a few of our favorite APEX One Shots packs to go along with the rest of OBLIVION.
These are perfect for designing your own placement ready melody loops from the ground up.
Inside, you’ll find everything from Leads, Plucks, Synths, Instruments and much more for creating your own melodic concepts.
BASS Stoic + KEYS Comfort
INSTR Overblown Woodwind + INSTR Far East
BASS - 80s Weekend
PLUCK Beauty One Shot
3 Packs of Unique FX Samples To Bring Your Music To Life

We’re also including 3 of our team’s favorite FX sample packs, to go along with the rest of OBLIVION.
Use these to add extra flair and life to your music, with tons of different FX sounds to work with.
This includes a variety of Ambience, Risers, Tonal Shots, and so much more for bringing depth to your music.
Pyramid Synth FX Preview
Bliss Tonal Ambience
Dense Vinyl Noise
Flashback Vocal Drone - G Min
FX Expansion Bundle
Cymatics $50 Store Credit
$50 Cymatics Store Credit

As a way of saying thank you for being so supportive, we want to give everyone who gets OBLIVION free $50 Cymatics Store Credit!
You can use this Store Credit to buy anything you want from the Cymatics store -- take a look and explore the other soundbanks and products we’ve built up over the years or use it on upcoming packs!
Each order is only eligible to receive only 1 Cymatics Store Credit.

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The entire focus for OBLIVION is to provide you with a wide selection of sounds for making hard hitting, placement ready bangers.

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