How to install KEYS:

1. Download the KEYS installer and all 3 “Sources” zip files

2. Run the KEYS installer

3. Unzip the 3 “Sources” zip files

4. Create a folder called “Sources” and move all of the source folders to it
(see image)

5. Move “Sources” folder to the following location:

  • MAC: Library/Audio/Presets/Cymatics/Cymatics Keys/

6. Open KEYS in your DAW and use your Cymatics account email and activation code to activate the plugin.

If you’re having issues installing the plugin, please email

How to install KEYS, WINDOWS Instructions

For windows, we have some updated steps for you to follow to help load everything.

For the directories file path, you will need to show hidden folders in your (C:) folder in order to access ProgramData.

You will need to select "View" and then "Details" at the header of the (C:) window

(Screenshots below to help you locate the details panel to toggle "view hidden files" so you can access "ProgramData”)

Keys Keys

The file path for windows:
(C:) > ProgramData > Cymatics > Cymatics Keys > Presets

After showing hidden files and locating ProgramData then you will need to place the "Sources" folder you created within the folder "Presets"


After following these steps - you can activate the keys plugin. Make sure to click to the next preset to have it load as when you open, your system may require you to do this to hear audio.

Last step, make sure to go back to the details section of (C:) and turn off "hidden items" so that your ProgramData folder isn't accidentally altered.

If you’re having issues installing the plugin, please email