Complete The Immortal Production Suite With The Platinum Expansion!

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What is the Immortal Platinum Expansion?

Our team put in some extra hours creating this platinum expansion pack, to complete the IMMORTAL experience.

The Platinum Expansion gives you exclusive access to 65 additional premium melodies, which all pair perfectly with the main IMMORTAL collection.

You’ll also have the creative freedom to break down each melody, piece by piece to its original stems & MIDI.

And similar to the main pack, the expansion also includes a wide variety of styles & genres to work with.

Take advantage of this one-time opportunity to get the IMMORTAL Platinum Expansion before it's gone.

Preview samples from Immortal Platinum Expansion

Guerilla - 149 BPM C# Min
Last Resort - 130 BPM B Min
Quixotic - 125 BPM E Min
Angels - 85 BPM F# Min
Down For Me - 98 BPM D# Min
Sbarro - 156 BPM G Min
Goner - 150 BPM A Maj
Expensive Pain - 160 BPM D# Min