9 Exclusive Free Bonuses Included With IMMORTAL
Only available for the 1500 producers that get IMMORTAL.
Archangel Vocal Loops
$147 VALUE
$147 VALUE
Inspiring Library of Vocal Samples Packed With Emotion & Feeling

For this vocal collection our entire approach was to create a library of vocal inspiration for making any type of track.
These are perfect for adding that extra character to an idea and polish up your production, adding more life and energy.
We took the same approach as the melodies in the main collection, so these vocal samples cover a wide range of styles for how you can implement them.
Whether you want to use these as the foundation of your track or simply use them to garnish what you already have, there is a ton you can do with every sample inside.
$117 VALUE
$117 VALUE
Unique Ear Candy FX Samples To Bring Your Music To Life

The purpose of this FX suite is entirely focused around adding extra flair and energy to your music.
Tons of top producers use creative FX to add liveliness and depth to their tracks, and we wanted to give you a collection of fresh samples to achieve that.
You can splash these throughout your tracks to pull off those memorable moments with uniquely processed ear candy.
This includes a variety of Impacts, Risers, Synth FX, and tons of various FX sounds for bringing your music to life.
Olympus FX Collection
Leviathan One Shot Collection
$147 VALUE
$147 VALUE
An Arsenal of Hand Crafted One Shots For Building Premium Melodies

We had our top sound designers dive into some of our favorite analog synths and hardware to create masterfully designed one shots that stand out.
This process included some of our favorite vintage synthesizers such as the Akai AX60, Sequential Prophet 6, Roland JV-1080, Casio CZ 101, just to name a few.
Inside the collection we included a wide variety of one shot styles with Pads, Leads, Synths, Plucks, Instruments, and more.
These are all mix-ready out of the box, so you can easily audition different sounds to find something that works best for your melody idea.
$129 VALUE
$129 VALUE
A Diverse Collection of MIDI Composed by Our Top Loop Makers

In addition to the melodies / MIDI in the main collection, we wanted to give you an entirely separate library of MIDI to work with.
Just like the melodies, these MIDI compositions span across a wide array of different styles and genres, so the creative range is limitless.
Drag these in to instantly get a new idea going, edit them to your liking, or even use them to study how our team writes melodies.
These are all field tested and perfectly pairable with the Leviathan One Shot collection we’ve included as well, giving you everything you’d need to make your own melodies.
Pantheon MIDI Collection
$7000 IMMORTAL VIP Song Contest
$7000 IMMORTAL VIP Song Contest

This contest will be completely exclusive to the 1500 producers that secure a license for IMMORTAL.
You will receive automatic entry into the contest, but it is not mandatory to compete.
The grand prize winner will receive over $7000 in prizes including:
  • $1,000 Cash
  • 2023 MacBook Pro
  • Adam Audio T8V Speakers
  • Cymatics Plugin Bundle
  • Every Cymatics pack ever released
  • Producer Feature on Cymatics IG
(All genres are welcome to enter. This includes everything from Trap, Hip-Hop, EDM, Lofi, Dubstep, Pop, and anything else.)
IMMORTAL Collectors Edition USB
(First 150 only)

We’re going to be giving away Exclusive Collector's Edition IMMORTAL USBs to the first 150 producers who get a license!
These will come loaded with an exclusive secret surprise that only those 150 people will get access to.
IMMORTAL Collectors Edition USB
$50 Cymatics Gift Card
$50 Cymatics Gift Card

As a way of saying thank you for being so supportive, everyone who gets IMMORTAL will receive a free $50 Cymatics Gift Card!
You can use this Gift Card to buy anything you want from the Cymatics store -- take a look and explore the other soundbanks and products we’ve built up over the years or use it on upcoming packs!
4 Live Feedback Sessions With The Cymatics Team

Live feedback is one of the most requested things producers ask for in our community.
This is why there will be 4 Live Feedback Sessions led by Steven Cymatics (Co-founder of Cymatics).
Not to mention these will also include some of the top producers on our team.
Each live session will be hosted through zoom calls with all of the producers that get IMMORTAL.
It’s like a virtual listening party with our team, where you can play your music and receive constructive feedback in real time.
Feedback sessions
IMMORTAL Production Courses
5 IMMORTAL Production Courses

⁣Building a foundation of production knowledge is the most crucial part of the production process.
⁣So we’re including 5 exclusive production courses for every producer that gets IMMORTAL.
Since the entire concept for IMMORTAL is to give you access to a wide variety of styles for building your own unique sound…
We wanted to give you an inside look into our team’s creative process from start to finish, so you can get the most out of IMMORTAL.
This includes start to finish production videos for each genre / style included with IMMORTAL.

Immortal Bonus Overview

Archangel Vocal Loops $147
Olympus FX Collection $117
Leviathan One Shot Collection $147
Pantheon MIDI Collection $129
$50 Cymatics Gift Card $50
$7000 IMMORTAL VIP Song Contest
5 IMMORTAL Production Courses
4 Live Feedback Sessions With The Cymatics Team
IMMORTAL Collectors Edition USB