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Electronic, Vintage, Ambient & More
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Preview samples
(Stems & MIDI included)

Apollo - 140 BPM F Min
Love Language - 88 BPM G# Min
Quest - 140 BPM D# Min
Matrix - 136 BPM E Min
White Gold - 78 BPM G# Min
Melancholy - 82 BPM C Min
Bounty Hunter - 122 BPM D Min
Neon Dream - 140 BPM D# Min
Apostle - 159 BPM A Minn
Casket Drum Loop - 154 BPM
Trade Off Drum Loop - 98 BPM
Passion Fruit Drum Loop - 95 BPM
Tribute Drum Loop - 92 BPM
Portal FX Arp - G Min
Tonal Impact (Bladerunner) - C

7 Brand New Melody Collections Included:

Only 1000 Licenses Will Be Available For
EQUINOX: Trap Melodies
EQUINOX: Trap Melodies
Placement Ready Trap Melodies Inspired by Drake, Future, & More

The Trap portion of EQUINOX details the sound of the biggest songs & artists of today’s Modern Trap music.
Our team pulled inspiration from the sounds you’d hear from artists like Drake, Future, Gunna & many others.
Pair these up with some hard hitting drums & 808s to create placement ready Trap records from the ground up.
Bounty Hunter - 122 BPM D Min
Matrix - 136 BPM E Min
Splinter - 136 BPM G# Min
Americano - 140 BPM F Min
EQUINOX: Synth Melodies
Analog Synth Melodies Inspired by Mike Dean, Travis Scott & More

For the Synth portion of EQUINOX, we pulled out some of our favorite analog style synths to capture that iconic sound.
These melodies were deeply inspired by producers / artists like Mike Dean & Travis Scott.
With hard hitting drums & bass, you can easily create a hit record track that stands out sonically.
Apollo - 140 BPM F Min
Neon Dream - 140 BPM D# Min
Look To The Stars - 114 BPM A Min
Venture - 140 BPM C# Min
EQUINOX: Synth Melodies
EQUINOX: RnB Melodies
EQUINOX: RnB Melodies
Soulful RnB Melodies Inspired by SZA, Giveon, Chris Brown & More

For this section, we focused solely on the emotional sounds of Modern RnB music.
Our team pulled influence from some of the biggest names of the genre such as SZA, Giveon, Chris Brown, & H.E.R.
These carry a ton of emotion and soul throughout every loop, and they’re designed to easily pair up with catchy & soulful RnB vocals.
Love Language - 88 BPM G# Min
Cyan Candle - 89 BPM D Min
Where You Are - 95 BPM F Min
Blessings - 122 BPM D# Min
EQUINOX: Vintage Melodies
Vintage Melodies Inspired by J Cole, JID, Kendrick Lamar, Joey Bada$$ & More

The Vintage portion of the pack is a bit of a love letter to the classic “crate-digging” sound of Hip-Hop.
These melodies were inspired by some of the biggest artists that carry the flag for this sound today, such as J Cole, JID, Kendrick Lamar, Joey Bada$$ & More.
There is a lot of warmth and character to each of these melodies, with a soulful and nostalgic sound throughout.
White Gold - 78 BPM G# Min
Nights In The Rain - 78 BPM D Maj
Service - 75 BPM D Maj
Stranded - 86 BPM C# Min
EQUINOX: Vintage Melodies
EQUINOX: Ambient Melodies
EQUINOX: Ambient Melodies
Ethereal Ambient Melodies Inspired by Øneheart, Antent & More

The Ambient section of the pack dives into a very ethereal sound of music that carries a ton of emotion and feeling.
Our producers studied some of the biggest names within the ambient style including Øneheart, Antent & more.
If you’re looking to experiment and put together unique music that has a very somber & emotional vibe, these are perfect for that.
Melancholy - 82 BPM C Min
Interstellar - 80 BPM F# Min
Abstractions I - 85 BPM A Min
Bokeh - 65 BPM C Min
EQUINOX: Electronic Melodies
Energy Driven Electronic Melodies Inspired by Yeat, Lil Uzi Vert, & More

The Electronic portion of EQUINOX pulls inspiration from the “virtual” sound that you’d hear from artists like Year or Lil Uzi Vert.
These are entirely focused on high energy, and they pair up extremely well with hard hitting drums and bass.
If you’re looking to make catchy and memorable tracks that work well in today’s industry, these melodies were designed to help you do so.
Formula - 140 BPM G Min
Propane - 140 BPM F Min
Born To Be - 138 BPM C# Min
Chromium - 140 BPM A Min
EQUINOX: Electronic Melodies
EQUINOX: Various Melodies
EQUINOX: Various Melodies
Various Style Melodies Inspired by Central Cee, Bad Bunny & More

The Various section of EQUINOX includes a selection of “Various” other styles that you can play around with.
We pulled influence from artists like Central Cee, Bad Bunny, and many others for this pack.
You’ll get a little taste of everything in this one, and it’s your choice what direction you decide to take them in.
Apostle - 159 BPM A Min
Quest - 140 BPM D# Min
Dark Pattern - 140 BPM A Min
Edelweiss - 135 BPM A Min

11 Exclusive Launch Bonuses Included For Free:

*Only 1000 Licenses Available.
TWILIGHT: Drum Loop Collection
Industry Grade Drum Loop Bounces With Full Stem Layers Included

TWILIGHT focuses on industry ready drum patterns that our team created alongside 7+ melody genres inside of EQUINOX.
Each drum loop was field tested on various speaker systems, to give you everything you need to produce hit records out of the box.
This pack also includes the full stem layers for every drum loop, so you get full creative control over each sample.
Casket Drum Loop - 154 BPM
Passion Fruit Drum Loop - 95 BPM
Trade Off Drum Loop - 98 BPM
Tribute Drum Loop - 92 BPM
TWILIGHT: Drum Loop Collection
GRAVITY: Vocal Collection
GRAVITY: Vocal Collection
Flavorful Vocal Samples Designed To Add Emotion & Feeling To Your Tracks

GRAVITY provides you with textural vocal samples that work well for a wide variety of styles in the pack.
These are designed for adding extra character and feeling to your songs & they’re also great for elevating your melodies.
We designed each of these to work for any genre you’re looking to produce, including a ton of different vibes to choose from.
Can I Vocal Loop - 88 BPM G# Min
Broke Soul Vocal Loop - 157 BPM D# Min
Million Vocal Loop - 143 BPM C# Min
No Time Vocal Loop - A Min 135 BPM
ZENITH: Drum One Shots
Hard Hitting Drum One Shots Designed To Punch Through The Mix

ZENITH covers a wide selection of hard hitting Drums that pair up with the rest of the sounds in EQUINOX.
These drum one shots are all mix-ready straight out of the box, so there’s no need to do any additional processing on them.
Each drum sound included has undergone processing and mix-testing, guaranteeing they are primed and ready for immediate use out of the box.
Rim (Celsius)
Kick (Pushed)
Clap (TwoTails)
Snare (Baller)
ZENITH: Drum One Shots
NEBULA: Percussion Loop Collection
NEBULA: Percussion Loop Collection
Unique Percussion Textures Designed To Enhance Your Melodies & Drums

NEBULA includes a library of unique percussion loops that are designed to enhance the bounce and overall vibe of your music.
These are perfect for adding more rhythm to your drums and melodies, given that each loop is mixed in a subtle way to support your main elements.
You can drag these in as is, chop them up, or resample them if you’re looking to create your own unique sound with interesting percussion.
Djungle Percussion Loop - 165 BPM
Antonym Percussion Loop - 150 BPM
Challenge Percussion Loop - 150 BPM
Factor Percussion Loop - 120 BPM
CRESENT: Hihat Loop & MIDI Collection
A Wide Selection of Hi-Hat Bounces For All Modern Genres / Styles

CRESCENT details a library of hit-ready Hihat patterns, tested for a variety of different styles of production.
This pack includes a ton of different patterns to work with, with each Hihat pattern tested in the context of actual beats / songs.
And with the MIDI included, you can easily customize these patterns to choose what direction your song goes.
CPU Hihat Loop - 137 BPM
Next Hihat Loop - 100 BPM
Raygun Hihat Loop - 125 BPM
Building Hihat Loop - 90 BPM
CRESENT: Hihat Loop & MIDI Collection
SUNRISE: MIDI Collection
SUNRISE: MIDI Collection
Memorable MIDI Compositions For Trap, Electronic, RnB, & More

SUNRISE includes new MIDI compositions, written by our top producers for multiple genres within the EQUINOX collection.
Each of these are perfect for dragging in with your favorite sounds, whether it’s a VST or One Shot.
You can study how we write our Melody Loops, edit them to your liking, or simply use them as is to create your own melodies from scratch.
Dungeon MIDI - G Min
Night Before MIDI - C Min
Fair MIDI - D# Min
Heat Dome MIDI - F Min
ECLIPSE: FX Collection
Unique FX Samples Designed To Add Energy & Life To Your Music

This collection of FX samples was designed to help add more character and life to your tracks.
It includes a variety of different FX sounds to assist you in building energy, emphasizing different sections of your song.
These are perfect for layering into your song concepts, to add extra flair and capture those memorable ear candy moments throughout.
Portal FX Arp - G Min
Tonal Impact (Bladerunner) - C
Light Impact (Equinox)
Various FX - Sword
ECLIPSE: FX Collection
HORIZON: 808 & Bass Collection
HORIZON: 808 & Bass Collection
Powerful Low End Samples That Cut Through Any Playback System

HORIZON includes a wide selection of low end bass samples for any style of music you’re looking to make.
Inside, you’ll find hard hitting 808s, Reese Basses, Donks, and more, with a ton of warmth and character to each sample.
These were all processed and mixed to hit hard right out of the box, so you don’t need to spend extra time mixing them to cut through the mix.
DONK Back (C)
BASS Chaser (C)
REESE Guild (C)
808 Atoms (C)
RIPPLE: Wet Percussion Collection
Textural Wet Percussion Samples To Add Depth & Character To Your Music

RIPPLE dives into a full library of “wet” percussion sounds, which are generously processed to catch the ear of the listener.
These were designed to texturize the overall sound of your tracks, to create those memorable moments that stick out.
Layer these into your drums & melodies to achieve more depth and character for any genre of music.
Portal FX Arp - G Min
Tonal Impact (Bladerunner) - C
Light Impact (Equinox)
Various FX - Sword
RIPPLE: Wet Percussion Collection
$100 Cymatics Gift Card
$100 Cymatics Gift Card

As a way of saying thank you for being so supportive, we want to give everyone who gets EQUINOX a free $100 Cymatics Gift Card!
You can use this Gift Card to buy anything you want from the Cymatics store -- take a look and explore the other soundbanks and products we’ve built up over the years or use it on upcoming packs!
*Gift Cards will be sent to your email 24 - 48 hours after your purchase.
Keep in mind, you will not be eligible to receive more than 1 gift card per order.
Exclusive Gold EQUINOX USB
(First 500 only)

500 Exclusive Gold USBs will be given out on a first come, first serve basis.
We’re going to be giving away an Exclusive EQUINOX Edition USB to the first 500 producers who get a license on launch day!
These will come loaded with a special surprise that only those 500 producers will get.
Exclusive Gold EQUINOX USB

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At this time, no.

EQUINOX will only be available for 1000 people.

The USBs will come loaded with a secret surprise, including sounds that only those 500 producers will receive.

The USBs will be given away on a first-come, first-served basis!

No it’s not.

EQUINOX was created to allow any producer to explore different styles of sound, so there is a lot to get inspired by inside.

No it doesn’t.

All Cymatics gift cards remain active until they are fully used.

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