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Dystopia Box Art
A Sonic Experience Through Time Inspired by Cyberpunk / Synthwave

For DYSTOPIA, our production team has spent a ton of time studying anything & everything with the Cyberpunk / Synthwave aesthetic.
This included a deep dive into everything from the Cyberpunk 2077 video game, to iconic films such as Blade Runner, TRON, Akira, etc.
And if you listen closely you can definitely see where that inspiration came into play.
Between the energy driven basslines, dreamy analog melodies, crisp punchy drums, and the video game inspired FX...
It’s almost like these sounds transport you through a sonic paradox of time, with a retro yet futuristic feeling all at once.
DYSTOPIA drops this Friday at 2PM!

Preview samples (Stems & MIDI included)

Ethereal - 102 BPM E Min
Flux - 100 BPM D Min
Nanotech Pt 1 - 105 BPM G Min
Nightrider - 109 BPM C# Min
No Alternative - 100 BPM E Min
Runner - 107 BPM B Min
Synthetic - 98 BPM E Min