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Receive Legacy Collection Every Month.
Each Includes 1,500 - 3,000 rare samples.
All samples are exclusive. Not available in Cymatics store.
8 Exclusive Launch Bonus Packs
Free Cymatics Plugin
$50 Cymatics Gift Card
Exclusive Gold USB (first 250 only)
Official Licensing Rights To Use Every Sample
Access To Our Entire Course Catalog

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Receive Legacy Collection Every Month.
Each Includes 1,500 - 3,000 rare samples.
All samples are exclusive. Not available in Cymatics store.
8 Exclusive Launch Bonus Packs
Free Cymatics Plugin
$50 Cymatics Gift Card
Exclusive Gold USB (first 250 only)
Official Licensing Rights To Use Every Sample
Access To Our Entire Course Catalog

*Cancel anytime, no commitments.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, you can cancel at anytime.

Keep in mind you will not be able to rejoin or refund.

Monthly, we will put together an entirely different production suite with thousands of rare samples from inside of the vault.

And for the first month, you’ll get access to 2500+ rare Cymatics samples the moment you get in.

If you already own any of the packs you can replace them with packs of your choosing.

Just email for any requests on swap outs for these bonuses and we will happily oblige free of charge.

Every month we will provide you with thousands of samples in a wide variety of genres / styles.

This includes everything from Hip-Hop, Trap, RnB, Pop, Lofi, to EDM, Future Bass, Dubstep, House, and much more.

Throughout the 12 months of vault membership, you will get access to 12 different handpicked production suites, one for each month.

Inside the vault, we have around 50,000+ rare samples, so you will be guaranteed access to all of those throughout your membership.

(This will include roughly 2000+ samples from the vault per month)

The Cymatics
Legacy Vault
Get Thousands of Rare Cymatics Samples Every Month
*Only 5,000 members will be admitted on a first come, first serve basis.
What’s included with The Legacy Vault?
Vault members will get direct access each month to a different hand selected library of rare samples.
And for the first month of Legacy Vault samples, you’ll get access to 2500+ rare Cymatics samples from inside of the vault.
This includes 10 premium sample packs, each of which aren’t available in our regular store.
In addition, all 5000 members will also get direct access to our entire production course catalog.
This features high level production video courses taught by the top producers on our team.
It all starts with Volume 1 of the Legacy Collection, read below to check out each pack that we’ve included.
Keep in mind that you can cancel at any time, but you cannot rejoin when enrollment period closes.
Licensing rights included with purchase: Streaming on Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud, etc Beat lease sales on Beatstars, Airbit, etc Placements with major artists All melodies are 100% royalty free
*Only 5,000 members will be admitted on a first come, first serve basis.

Unlock 2600+ Rare Samples For Month 1

Legacy Collection Vol. 1 Includes:

Chaos Virtual Melodies
CHAOS - Virtual Melodies

This collection from CHAOS was heavily inspired by EDM, as well as big records by artists such as Lil Uzi Vert.
Inside you’ll get 34 unique virtual melody loops with stems and MIDI included for each sample.
These melodies work well for multiple styles of production including Trap, EDM, and more.
Andromeda - 136 BPM A Min
Crystal Clear - 141 BPM E Min
Float Away - 133 BPM F# Min
Gravity - 160 BPM C# Maj
Light Rays - 140 BPM A Min
Resilience - 145 BPM F Min
Space Party - 150 BPM E Min
Waveracer - 158 BPM A# Min
Karma - Premium Analog Melodies

Classic synthesizers have always been untouchable when it comes to the amount of character and emotion that they are able to convey.
And a lot of the industry’s biggest producers use them all the time, resulting in a completely unique sound that resonates in some of the biggest records to date.
This premium synth collection from CHAOS includes a wide variety of rich and warm analog samples to easily make your production stand out.
Abandon Me - 120 BPM C Min
Breathless - 145 BPM F Min
Houston - 145 BPM G Min
Miracles - 155 BPM D Min
Sacrifices - 150 BPM D Min
Tobacco - 160 BPM
Water Paint - 150 BPM F Min
Winter in Toronto - 145 BPM B Min
Karma Premium Analog Melodies
Aether Guitar Melodies
Aether - Guitar Melodies

This collection of professional guitar recordings was originally from our VIBES Sample Collection, dedicated entirely to lush & emotional guitar samples.
This includes guitar samples in the style of: Post Malone, Brent Faiyaz, Drake, Summer Walker, Frank Ocean, and more.
Each sample included was recorded by some of the best professional guitarists on our team.
No matter what the vibe is you’re looking for, we included a ton of variety for any type of record you’re looking to create.
Aspirations - 120 BPM D# Min
Bloom - 137 BPM C# Min
Blue Hour - 100 BPM C# Min
Chanel - 130 BPM F# Min
Never Wanted This - 120 BPM C# Maj
Poolside - 150 BPM G Min
Rose Colored Glasses - 130 BPM B Min
Secrets In My Dreams - 90 BPM B Min
Heaven - Future Bass Melodies

Throughout the years of EDM, Future Bass has become one of the biggest sub-genres in the scene.
Our team spent countless hours studying exactly what makes major artists like Flume so successful in the scene, and it all stems from the wavy and futuristic sounding melodies.
Regardless of if you produce EDM, or Hip-Hop / Trap, this pack works extremely well for both.
(Fun fact: Trippie Redd’s record “Miss The Rage” featured one of our Future Bass melodies.)
Future Bass Loop 3 - 150 BPM C# Min
Future Bass Loop 4 - 150 BPM D Min
Future Bass Loop 5 - 150 BPM D Min
Future Bass Loop 7 - 150 BPM E Min
Future Bass Loop 9 - 150 BPM E Min
Future Bass Loop 12 - 150 BPM A Min
Future Bass Loop 17 - 160 BPM A# Min
Future Bass Loop 19 - 175 BPM D Min
Heaven: Future Bass Melodies
Riot Hip Hop Drums
Riot - Hip Hop Drum Loops

Originally featured with CHAOS, Riot includes some of the most industry ready Hip-Hop drum loops we’ve ever put out.
RIOT comes loaded with full drum loops, hi-hat loops, percussion loops, top loops, and more!
The loops are all drag and drop ready for optimizing efficiency in a session, and not to mention, every loop comes pre-processed to sound amazing out of the box.
Affiliated Drum Loop - 152 BPM
Crushed Break Percussion Loop - 165 BPM
Drama Drum Loop - 130 BPM
Drill 1 Hihat Loop - 143 BPM
Linndrum Percussion Loop - 103 BPM
Randevu Drum Loop - 97 BPM
Roadman Percussion Loop - 141 BPM
Sizzle Hihat Loop - 104 BPM
CHAOS - Dark Trap Melodies

This collection from CHAOS solely focuses on the Dark Trap subgenre.
Inside you’ll find 43 premium melodies with stems & MIDI included for each sample, perfect for making absolute banger tracks.
We took inspiration from some of the best artists and producers in this subgenre including 21 Savage, Nardo Wick, Travis Scott, and more.
Bloodlust - 143 BPM G# Min
Desolation - 135 BPM C# Min
Different - 130 BPM A# Min
Envy - 174 BPM C Min
Masquerade - 100 BPM F Mi
Paper Cut - 134BPM G# Min
Raining Blood - 150 BPM C Min
Unlucky - 140 BPM F Min
CHAOS: Dark Trap Melodies
Chaos Virtual Melodies
CHAOS - Classic Melodies

This collection debuted inside of CHAOS, and it is easily one of the more unique and special melody packs we’ve put together.
Inside you’ll get 37 premium melodies with stems & MIDI for each sample, designed for producing a wide array of styles.
These work great for classic Hip-Hop, Trap, Lofi, RnB, and really just about anything you aim to create with a heavy touch of emotion and soul.
Butterscotch - 72 BPM A Min
Code Of Honor - 150 BPM C# Min
Debutante - 76 BPM G Maj
Empire City - 86 BPM D Min
Georgia Peach - 150 BPM G Min
Glimmer - 150 BPM F# Min
Throwback - 80 BPM F Min
Triumph - 85 BPM A Min
Neon - MIDI Collection

NEON was originally featured in our 2022 Melody Collection.
It primarily focuses on Trap and R&B style MIDI progressions, but it also covers other styles such as Latin, Wavy, Hyperpop, Drill, and more.
Inside there are 116 premium MIDI files that have been carefully refined, giving you usable progressions that can be dropped into your DAW immediately.
Drag each file into your DAW and analyze the note choices, then tweak them to your liking and make your own original melodies as well.
Neon Hyperpop MIDI 7 - 158 BPM A Min
Neon Latin MIDI 2 - 137 BPM E Maj.
Neon Latin MIDI 5 - 137 BPM A Min
Neon RnB MIDI 1 - 153 BPM C Maj
Neon RnB MIDI 6 - 92 BPM C# Min
Neon RnB MIDI 47 - 146 BPM G# Min
Neon Trap MIDI 16 - 157 BPM D Min
Neon Trap MIDI 55 - 110 BPM B Min
CHAOS: Dark Trap Melodies
Deluxe Vocal Melodies
$197 VALUE
$197 VALUE
Vocal Deluxe Colletion

The Deluxe Vocal Collection is packed full of acapellas, vocal loops, samples and FX that add an authentic human element to tracks of any genre.
We recorded with our top professional vocalists, both male and female, and our production team carefully edited and polished what was captured in their studios.
In this collection you can expect high quality studio acapellas and sung phrases, in a variety of labeled bpms and keys.
There are also a wide variety of adlibs and chants. As well as tonal one shots, perfect for dragging into any sampler and creating your own vocal instruments.
Time - Lead Vocal Wet - 160 BPM B Min
On My Way - Lead Vocal Wet - 90 BPM C Min
Blame - Main Vocal Wet - 100 BPM G Min
EDM Vocal Chop Loop 3 - 100 BPM A Maj
EDM Vocal Chop Loop 6 - 120 BPM D# Min
EDM Vocal Chop Loop 14 - 150 BPM E Min
Pop Vocal Chop 16 - 140 BPM C# Maj
Pop Vocal Chop 20 - 150 BPM F Min
PACK #10
Signature Series - Grand Edition

The Signature Series was one of our most rare premium sample collections that we released a few years ago, only to a handful of producers in our community.
This pack is the Grand Edition, and it comes with a variety of premium samples for both Hip-Hop and EDM production.
It includes everything you’ll need: Melodies, Vocals, MIDI, Drum One Shots, Drum Loops, FX, and more.
Acoustic Loop 1 - 100 BPM F# Min
Acoustic Loop 8 - 140 BPM E Min
Breakdown Loop 8 - 128 BPM C Min
Drop Loop 4 - 128 BPM D# Min
Drop Loop 7 - 128 BPM G Min
Drop Loop 20 - 150 BPM B Min
Hip Hop Melody Loop 4 - 150 BPM C Maj
Hip Hop Melody Loop 5 - 150 BPM G# Min
Signaure Series - Grand

5 Exclusive Vault Bonuses Included For Free:

Chaos Virtual Melodies
$100 VALUE
$100 VALUE
1 Free Cymatics Plugin of Your Choice

When you sign up for the vault, you will get to choose 1 free Cymatics plugin of your choice.
These will work for any DAW and operating system.
  • Diablo Drum Enhancer
  • Vortex 808 Enhancer
  • Pluto Multi-FX
  • Lotus Analog Delay
  • Space Reverb
$200 VALUE
$200 VALUE
Complete Signature Series Collection
(Vol. 1 - 8)

Every member of the Legacy Vault will receive the full Signature Series collection, with 8 incredible sample packs with 4,000+ premium samples included.
This collection is one of the rarest in Cymatics history. And when it was originally released, only a handful of producers had access.
Inside you’ll get a massive amount of samples, including 4 packs for EDM and 4 packs for Hip-Hop production.
These work extremely well in unison, and they can easily be crossed over one another to develop a unique sound.
Signautre Series Packs
Production Catalog
$997 VALUE
$997 VALUE
Access To Our Entire Production Course Catalog

With a Legacy Vault membership, every producer will also get access to our entire production video course catalog.
These courses are taught by the top producers on our team, teaching you a variety of skills from Melody Creation, Sound Design, Mixing, Drum Programming, and more.
All of these courses were included with our previous launches, so they can not be found on our website.
Exclusive Legacy Vault Edition USB
(first 250 only)

We’re going to be giving away 250 Exclusive Legacy Vault Edition USBs to the first 250 producers who get a license!
These will come loaded with secret samples that only those 250 people will get.
Cymatics Gold USB Cymatics Gold USB
Gift Card
$50 Cymatics Gift Card

Every producer that signs up for the vault will also receive a free $50 Cymatics Gift Card.
You can use this gift card on any product in our store, and it never expires.
*Keep in mind, no purchase is necessary in order to spend the gift card.

Legacy Collection Vol 1 Overview (Month 1)

anniversary anniversary
CHAOS - Virtual Melodies $67
Karma - Premium Analog Melodies$87
Aether - Guitar Melodies$67
Heaven - Future Bass Melodies$47
Riot - Hip Hop Drum Loops$37
CHAOS - Dark Trap Melodies$67
CHAOS - Classic Melodies$67
Neon - MIDI Collection$97
Vocal Deluxe Collection$197
Signature Series - Grand Edition$75
Cymatics Plugin of Your Choice$100
Complete Signature Series Collection$200
Entire Production Course Catalog$997
$50 Cymatics Gift Card$50
Cymatics Samples Have Been Used By
Cymatics Samples Have Been Used By
Bad Bunny
Anuel AA
Digga D
Roddy Ricch
Trippie Redd
Lil Uzi Vert
Key Glock
Megan Thee Stallion
Gucci Mane