Highly Expressive Sounds Inspired by 7 Moods
of The Color Spectrum
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Preview samples (Stems & MIDI included)


Black Water - 144 BPM C Min
Bloodlust - 150 BPM G# Min


Breezy - 90 BPM G Maj
Resentment - 102 BPM F# Min


Ascendancy - 111 BPM B Min
To The Sky - 114 BPM D Min


Apple Tree - 140 BPM C Min
Youth - 110 BPM E Min


Absolute - 83 BPM B Min
Chanel - 81 BPM E Min


Chaos Reign - 160 BPM B Min
Hypno - 165 BPM D# Min


Calypso - 140 BPM C Min
Prophecy - 163 BPM D# Min

7 Brand New Melody Collections

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PRISM Launch Edition
AZURE: Premium Melody Collection
AZURE: Premium Melody Collection
Triumphant Brass Melodies Inspired by Deep Shades of Blue

This collection includes melodies that carry a very triumphant type of vibe, from what we associate with the color Blue.
This includes a variety of Brass focused melodies with a ton of energy, pairing up perfectly with hard hitting drums and 808s.
A few popular artists that we were inspired by for this pack include Gunna, Baby Keem, Wheezy, Drake, and many more.
Ascendancy - 111 BPM B Min
Boundless - 124 BPM C Min
Breakout - 120 BPM C# Min
Clash - 124 BPM C Min
EMERALD: Premium Melody Collection
Emotionally Driven Melodies Inspired by Organic Shades of Green

EMERALD is all about the natural feeling of human emotion that carries through the color Green.
These melodies are extremely cinematic & organic, and work very well for a variety of styles including Pop, Trap, Lofi, and many more.
Our team studied some of the most “Green” sounding music out there, to paint a unique sonic imagery throughout every sound inside.
About You - 130 BPM F Maj
Apple Tree - 140 BPM C Min
Beauty - 130 BPM F Min
Calm - 100 BPM D# Maj
EMERALD: Premium Melody Collection
CRIMSON: Premium Melody Collection
CRIMSON: Premium Melody Collection
Aggressive Melodies Inspired by Sinister Shades of Red

For CRIMSON, we aimed to capture the essence of aggression that we felt from the color Red.
These melodies are heavily focused on the high energy sound from today’s top Trap music, pairing up with heavy Drums & 808s.
Inspiration wise, we turned to some of the biggest names for this aggressive sound such as 21 Savage, Nardo Wick, Lil Baby, and many more.
Abduction - 156 BPM A Min
Addiction - 160 BPM C# Min
Ashen - 168 BPM B Min
Choas Reign - 160 BPM B Min
OBSIDIAN: Premium Melody Collection
Menacing Dark Melodies Inspired by Ominous Shades of Black

OBSIDIAN delivers on the dark brooding sound of hard hitting Trap & Drill, with sounds reminiscent of the color Black.
These melodies capture the influence of ethnic instrumentation, and pair extremely well with heavy hitting drums & bass.
We pulled inspiration from some of our favorite popular artists for this pack. such as Gunna, Young Thug, & Lil Durk, to name a few.
Abyss - 142 BPM C Min
Black Water - 144 BPM C Min
Bloodlust - 150 BPM G# Min
Diamond Ring - 140 BPM B Min
OBSIDIAN: Premium Melody Collection
GOLD: Premium Melody Collection
GOLD: Premium Melody Collection
Vintage Style Melodies Inspired By Soulful Shades of Yellow

The GOLD pack is a love letter to vintage style processing and the deep warm sound of the golden age of Hip-Hop.
These melodies turn a heavy focus onto live instrumentation and the overall experience that you would get when digging through vinyl crates.
Some popular artists that inspired the sound of this pack include Kanye West, J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino to name a few.
Absolute - 83 BPM B Min
Amen - 95 BPM E Maj
Back On Top - 140 BPM F Min
Chanel - 81 BPM E Min
INDIGO: Premium Melody Collection
Futuristic Synth Melodies Inspired by Experimental Shades of Purple

This pack focuses entirely on futuristic sounding melodies designed through highly synthesized instruments.
Each sample inside was created with an experimental approach, expanding on the electronic influence that our producers took from the color Purple.
There were a few popular artists that inspired this type of sound including Yeat, Ken Carson, Summrs, Lil Uzi Vert, and more.
Arc Reactor - 135 BPM E Min
Binary World - 140 BPM B Min
Calypso - 140 BPM C Min
Disposal - 140 BPM D Min
INDIGO: Premium Melody Collection
AMBER: Premium Melody Collection
AMBER: Premium Melody Collection
Warm Nostalgia Driven Melodies Inspired by Melancholic Shades of Orange

From nostalgia inducing vocals, to lush guitars with summer vibes, AMBER focuses on the warmth of the color Orange.
These melodies were designed by our team to inspire emotion-driven melodic compositions that paint a vivid imagery throughout.
These melodies shine brightest in the context of production from popular artists like Tems, Dominick Fike, The Kid Laroi, Post Malone, to name a few.
Always - 146 BPM E Maj
Back Then - 129 BPM B Maj
Breezy - 90 BPM G Maj
Coffee - 117 BPM A# Min

6 Exclusive Launch Bonuses Included
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that get PRISM
PRISM: Course
PRISM: Production Course
Learn how our top producer creates polished tracks from start to finish using PRISM

This production course covers one of our top producer’s creative processes for building polished tracks from start to finish using PRISM.
You’ll get an inside look at everything from Sound Selection, Drum Programming, to Mixing, and finalizing your ideas for multiple sections of the pack.
See how Cymatics’ production team makes music, with secret tips and tricks taught from one of our best instructors.
Course will be released on Friday, 7/21/23
Inspiring MIDI Compositions That Paint A Vivid Imagery of Color

Our top loop makers designed these MIDI with each color from PRISM in mind.
These are perfect for building memorable melodies from scratch, with highly expressive compositions for a variety of styles.
These are perfect to pair with the one shots from CHROMA or VSTs, to instantly inspire new ideas for your own melodies.
Amber MIDI 2 - C Min
Emerald MIDI 7 - G# Min
Indigo MIDI 6 - F Min
Obsidian MIDI 6 - E Min
PALETTE: Percussion Loops
PALETTE: Percussion Loops
Bounce Focused Percussion Textures To Bring Your Drums To Life

PALETTE focuses on unique rhythmic textures that you can use to make your drums stand out.
These percussion loops work for just about any type of style / genre you’re looking to produce, so they are extremely versatile.
You can chop these up, use them as is, or resample them to create textures that add a ton of bounce and character to your mixes.
Covet Percussion Loop - 140 BPM
Lofi Percussion Loop - 95 BPM
Rings Percussion Loop - 92 BPM
Velvet Percussion Loop - 130 BPM
CHROMA: Melodic One Shots
Unique Melodic One Shots Inspired by Each Mood in The Color Spectrum

These one shots were put together by the top sound designers on our team, inspired by the moods of each color in PRISM.
You can easily drag these in with your MIDI and create highly expressive melodies from the ground up.
We focused on everything from Bells, Leads, Plucks, Pads, Instruments, and Synths that capture the unique vibe of each color.
BELL Feeling (C)
INSTR Phonic (C)
KEYS Rotund (C)
SYNTH Lighthouse (C)
CHROMA: Melodic One Shots
Random Collectors Edition USB
Random Collector’s Edition USB
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100 Exclusive USBs will be given out on a first come, first serve basis.
We’re going to be giving away an Exclusive Random USB to the first 100 producers who get a PRISM license!
These will come loaded with secret samples that only those 100 people will get.
$50 Cymatics Gift Card

As a way of saying thank you for being so supportive, we want to give everyone who gets PRISM a free $50 Cymatics Gift Card!
You can use this Gift Card to buy anything you want from the Cymatics store -- take a look and explore the other soundbanks and products we’ve built up over the years or use it on upcoming packs!
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$50 Cymatics Gift Card

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