Placement Ready Melodies, Drums and More For Hard Hitting Trap
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Preview samples (Stems & MIDI included)

Anthem - 144 BPM D Min
Charlemagne - 118 BPM E Min
Direction - 130 BPM B Min
Atoms - 147 BPM G Min
Collapse - 151 BPM F Min
King - 122 BPM F Min
Betrayal - 167 BPM A# Min
Expend Drum Loop - 127 BPM
Flashy Drum Loop - 144 BPM
Cartier Drum Loop - 154 BPM
Sick Percussion Loop - 133 BPM
Gatekeeper Percussion Loop - 131 BPM
Impact (Slam)
FX Various (Siren 1)
Riser (Omen)

New Hard Hitting Sample Collection Included:

*Only 500 Licenses Available.
Apocalypse 2: Premium Melody Collection
APOCALYPSE 2: Premium Melody Collection
Placement Ready Melody Loops For Hard Hitting Trap

APOCALYPSE 2 includes a wide selection of placement ready melodies, capturing the essence of heavy hitting Modern Trap.
For these melodies, we pulled inspiration from the biggest Trap artists in the game like Gunna, Lil Baby, Drake, and many more.
Inside the pack, you get access to 60 new placement ready melodies in a variety of different styles, key and bpm labeled with full stems & MIDI.
Anthem - 144 BPM D Min
Charlemagne - 118 BPM E Min
Collapse - 151 BPM F Min
Blue Diamond - 140 BPM B Min
You've already heard our sounds on these albums.

Our samples have been used on Billboard chart topping albums such as:
  • Future - I Never Liked You
  • Megan Thee Stallion - Traumazine
  • Roddy Ricch - Feed Tha Streets III
  • Lil Uzi Vert - Pluto × Baby Pluto
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*Only 500 Licenses Available.
ARMAGEDDON: Drum Loop Collection
Processed & Mix-Ready Drum Bounces For Heavy Trap

For ARMAGEDDON, we pulled a ton of field-tested drum loops from projects our team made using melodies from the pack.
This gives you a wide variety of different hard hitting bounces that you can easily drag in and audition for your tracks.
And we processed each of these drum loops to hit as hard as possible, while also including full stems for each drum loop.
Cartier Drum Loop - 154 BPM
Expend Drum Loop - 127 BPM
Gestured Drum Loop - 145 BPM
Flashy Drum Loop - 144 BPM
ARMAGEDDON: Drum Loop Collection
SHELLSHOCK: Bass & 808 Collection
SHELLSHOCK: Bass & 808 Collection
Menacing 808 & Bass Samples For Massive Low End

SHELLSHOCK focuses on a library of heavy hitting 808s & Basses for taking your low end up a notch.
This includes a variety of different low end styles including distorted 808s, long & short 808s, reese basses, donks, and more.
Each low end sound inside was processed / tested through various listening environments, to ensure that they punch through on any playback system.
808 Amber (C)
808 Diss (C)
DONK Mythical (C)
REESE Evil (C)
ARTILLERY: Drum Kit Collection
Thunderous Drum One Shots To Slice Through Any Mix

ARTILLERY provides you with industry grade drum samples, designed to slice through any mix you put them on.
Everything inside is pre-processed for maximum impact, catering to the hard hitting sound of today’s Dark Trap music.
These are ready to go straight out of the box, so there isn’t any additional processing needed to get them to cut through the mix.
Kick (Delta)
Snare (Aviator)
Snare (Hunter)
Open Hat (Echo)
ARTILLERY: Drum Kit Collection
MERCENARY: Hihat Loop & MIDI Collection
MERCENARY: Hihat Loop & MIDI Collection
Industry Level Hi-Hat Patterns Designed For Creating Hit Records

MERCENARY includes a variety of premium hi-hat loops & MIDI for producing bounce-driven Trap music.
You can use these to boost your workflow, and instantly get inspired when programming your hi-hat patterns.
Each of these were designed in the context of beats that we made using the pack, so they are field-tested to work with everything else inside of APOCALYPSE 2.
Tinted Hihat Loop - 144 BPM
Chrome Hihat Loop - 155 BPM
Abandoned Hihat Loop - 136 BPM
Survivor Hihat Loop - 146 BPM
Apocalyptic FX Samples For Adding Unique Flair To Your Beats

RADIOACTIVE delivers on uniquely processed FX samples, with an overall soundscape reminiscent of an apocalyptic-like setting.
We put together a wide variety of FX sounds that you would typically associate with dark, end of the world-esque scenery.
You can drag these into any project you’re working on to add that extra bit of flair to spice your tracks up.
Impact (Slam)
Impact (Hero)
FX Various (Siren 1)
Riser (Omen)
THERMAL: Percussion Loop Collection
THERMAL: Percussion Loop Collection
Textural Percussion Loops To Make Your Drums Stand Out

THERMAL includes a library of unique, textural percussion loops for getting your drums to stand out.
These are also perfect for sprucing up your melody ideas to add more character and depth throughout your ideas.
Each of these were processed by our team to sit perfectly in the mix, complimenting the rest of the sounds in APOCALYPSE 2.
Formal Percussion Loop - 138 BPM
Gatekeeper Percussion Loop - 131 BPM.
Sick Percussion Loop - 133 BPM
Voltage Percussion Loop - 68 BPM
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Cymatics Samples Have Been Used By
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    Bad Bunny
  • img2
    Anuel AA
    Digga D
  • img3
    Roddy Ricch
  • img4
  • img5
    Trippie Redd
  • img6
    Lil Uzi Vert
    Megan Thee Stallion
  • img7
    Key Glock
  • img8
    Central Cee
  • img9
    Nicki Minaj
    Diljit Dosanjh