Complete The 2022 Melody Collection With The Platinum Expansion!


What is the 2022 Platinum Expansion?

Complete the 2022 Melody Collection experience with this platinum expansion pack!

Our team spent some extra time putting this platinum expansion pack together, to pair perfectly with the rest of the amazing melodies in 2022 Melody Collection.

With this Platinum Expansion, you’ll get exclusive access to even more placement ready melodies that we’ve been saving for something special.

Not to mention, this entire expansion pack includes original stems / MIDI for each melody loop.

Take advantage of this one-time opportunity to get the 2022 Platinum Expansion while you still can!

Preview samples from 2022 Platinum Expansion

Circus Trick - 124 BPM F Min
Flashbang - 88 BPM B Min
Moore's Law - 140 BPM C Min
Origami - 177 BPM B Min
Pegasus - 130 BPM F# Min
Solar Eclipse - 144 BPM C Min
Touche - 170 BPM E Min
Vibes - 85 BPM E Min