Nightmares Vol. 2 for Xfer Serum

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Nightmares Vol. 2 for Xfer Serum

The uniquely blended genre that is Hybrid Trap continues to evolve with cutting-edge creativity and sophisticated sound design.

And now we want to bring you to the forefront of this ever-changing movement with a set of break-through presets which were designed and developed using the advanced sound design techniques Drew and the production team discovered through years of trial-and-error.

These unrivaled sound design methods not only ensure that you’ll be receiving the highest quality presets in the world, but that you’ll have access to undocumented techniques that no other producer knows about.

To fully demonstrate the power of these presets, we created 6 project files created by our our top sound designers for you to study and reverse engineer. You’ll be able to see exactly how the energetic bass lines, the sharp, crisp leads, and the rest of the highest of quality presets were crevassed into each track.

Nightmares Vol. 2 for Xfer Serum specs: 75 Xfer Serum Presets, 60 Wavetables, 3 Project Files, 3.4 GB total size, .FPX, .WAV, .ALS, .LOGICX, .FLP, 1.2 GB, 100% royalty free

ARP – Swung Like A Horse
BASS – Dirty Work
BASS – Kitchen Sync
LEAD – Quix
LEAD – Very Verby
SEQ – Frogger
STAB – Horny
SYNTH – Please Shower