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What is Pandora - Synths & Instruments?

PANDORA is a diverse collection of different synth and live instruments one shots to explore!

You'll have a variety of different textures, soundscapes, keys, pads, plucks, bells, leads, etc from actual hardware synthesizers…

...As well as crisp recordings of several different live instruments like guitar, piano, world instruments, and much more!

Juno 106 Pad Retro 3 - C
Korg MS-20 Bass Fat - C
Korg Prologue Synth Numb - C
Moog Subphatty Bass Mars - C
Prophet 6 Pluck Wavy High - C
Yamaha DX7 Keys EP - C
Bansuri 7 - C
Harp 6 - C
Mbira 4 - C
Piano 7 - C
Piano FX 4 - C
Zither 8 - C
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