Full Length Compositions Designed To Feel Like Record Sampling

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What is Zodiac - Pisces Compositions

These melody compositions were written and designed at full song length to give you a ton of different elements to sample, similar to a vinyl record. 

This includes multiple sections for each melody, with live instrumentation serving as the main focus of each sample. 

Solstice - 75 BPM A# Min
Strawberry Jam - 160 BPM C Min
Seventh Heaven - 74 BPM F Min
Visions Pt 2 - 135 BPM G# Min
Galaxy Arp MIDI 34 - F Min
Good Times - 76 BPM A Maj
Grapefruit - 90 BPM C Min
Disco Nights - 70 BPM A# Min
Noire - 77 BPM C Min
Dom Perignon - 81 BPM D# Min
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