Premium Melodies That Carry Cultural Influence From Around The Globe

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What is Chaos World Melodies?

This section of CHAOS encapsulates the music of many cultures from around the world. 

We took inspiration from instrumentation that you would hear in places like Asia, Europe, South America, and more to create melodies that stand out. 

Angels - 147 BPM G Min
Attitude - 130 BPM F# Min
Balance - 141 BPM C# Min
Cheetah - 151 BPM B Min
Cult - 127 BPM D Min
El Paso - 154 BPM G Min
Flute - 120 BPM E Min
Japan - 146 BPM F Min
Passport - 146 BPM D# Min
Shanghai - 159 BPM E Min
Urumi - 111 BPM A# Min
Yin Yang - 144 BPM A Min
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