Nostalgia Filled Melodies That Paint A Vivid Picture

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What is Chaos Sad Melodies?

This section of CHAOS was designed to give you highly nostalgic melodies that work well within the context of a variety of genres.

If you’re looking to produce tracks that carry a ton of emotion, the CHAOS Sad Melodies are perfect for that.

Alone - 125 BPM D# Min
Bleeding - 110 BPM B Min
Burn Me Up - 155 BPM F Min
Dead Inside - 110 BPM A# Min
Doesn't Matter - 150 BPM D Min
Faithless - 136 BPM F# Min
Falling - 150 BPM E Min
Gone - 144 BPM C# Min
Lied To - 140 BPM G# Min
Life - 132 BPM F Min
Over - 141 BPM F Min
Sorrows - 150 BPM G Min
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