A Collection of Reversed Melodies For The Experimental Producer

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What are Reverse Melodies ?

This collection of reverse melodies was designed for the producers who like to take a bit more of an experimental approach. 

They work extremely well within the context of several genres, including Trap, Hyperpop, EDM, and more. 

Aim - 144 BPM A Min
Blessings - 132 BPM C# Min
Cameras - 136 BPM F Min
Cartel - 135 BPM F# Min
Eternity - 140 BPM A# Min
Omniverse - 167 BPM F Min
Pushin - 150 BPM B Min
Third Eye - 161 BPM B Min
Time Travel - 158 BPM F# Min
Toxic - 159 BPM E Min
Trend - 150 BPM B Min
Wishing Well - 150 BPM G Maj
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