A Vast Library of Vocal Loops, One Shots, FX, and More

100% Royalty Free Licensing Rights For Every Sound.

Sample Pack Box

What is Vocal Deluxe Collection?

The Vocal Deluxe Collection includes everything you would need when it comes to vocal samples for any genre. 

We included vocal loops, chops, fx, one shots, phrases, ad libs, acapellas, pre-drop vocals, and more.

EDM Vocal Chop 6
EDM Vocal Chop 9
Female Ad Lib Wet 5
Female Ad Lib Wet 30
Female Sung Phrase Wet 13
Female Sung Phrase Wet 21
Female Sung Phrase Wet 39
Male Ad Lib Wet 2
Male Ad Lib Wet 15
Male Sung Phrase Wet 13
Male Sung Phrase 23
Pop Vocal Chop 16
MB of Samples
Premium Samples
Royalty Free
Supported Daw
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