A Library of Inspiration For Hard Hitting Drum Bounces

100% Royalty Free Licensing Rights For Every Sound.

Sample Pack Box

What is Riot Hip Hop Drum Loops?

RIOT comes loaded with full drum loops, hi-hat loops, percussion loops, top loops, and more!

The loops are all drag and drop ready for optimizing efficiency in a session, and not to mention, every loop comes pre-processed to sound amazing out of the box.

Affiliated Drum Loop
Cactus Drum Loop
Champions Drum Loop
Clockwork Percussion Loop
Crushed Break Percussion Loop
Drill Drum Loop
Jungle Bounce Percussion Loop
Linndrum Percussion Loop
Payback Drum Loop
Randevu Percussion Loop
Roadman Percussion Loop
Vintage Percussion Loop
MB of Samples
Premium Loops
Royalty Free
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