Chord & Arp MIDI Compositions For Making High Energy Music

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What is OMEGA - Galaxy MIDI Collection

Galaxy MIDI includes 2 separate folders, with MIDI compositions for chords and arps within the EDM genre. 

These are great to build on top of, or even layer together to create high energy melodies that drive your track. 

Galaxy Arp MIDI 3 - C Min
Galaxy Arp MIDI 11 - D Maj
Galaxy Arp MIDI 17 - D Min
Galaxy Arp MIDI 26 - E Min
Galaxy Arp MIDI 34 - F Min
Galaxy Arp MIDI 39 - G Min
Galaxy Chord MIDI 2 - C Maj
Galaxy Chord MIDI 10 - C Min
Galaxy Chord MIDI 27 - C# Maj
Galaxy Chord MIDI 54 - D Min
Galaxy Chord MIDI 95 - E Min
Galaxy Chord MIDI 111 - E Min
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