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WRAITH: Percussion Loop Collection

Textural Percussion Loops For Instant Character & Bounce On Any Track

Nothing adds bounce and depth to your drums or melodies quite like a percussion texture.

We put this pack together to help you spice up your tracks, whether it’s to help your drums stand out, texturize your melodies, etc.

Each of these are mixed in a way that compliments the rest of the sounds in your track, so they are perfect for adding that final “sauce” to your mix.

Latitude Percussion Loop - 154 BPM
Shelter Percussion Loop - 158 BPM
Vibe Percussion Loop - 90 BPM
Blurr Percussion Loop - 143 BPM
Control Percussion Loop - 102 BPM
Desolate Percussion Loop - 156 BPM
Groove Percussion Loop - 170 BPM
Texture Perc Loop - 95 BPM
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