Experience The Organic Power & Artistry of Live Instrumentation

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SESSIONS: Instrument Phrases

Memorable Instrument Phrases To Add Organic Flavor To Your Music

For SESSIONS, we paid close attention to the subtle nuances within every session to leave no artistic potential untouched.

And as a result, there were so many instrument phrase recordings that we pulled out of our time in the studio with these musicians that are perfect for not only complimenting your tracks, but to even build full concepts around.

Flute Phrase 4 - 120 BPM F Min
Oud Phrase 5 - 120 BPM D Min
String Phrase 1 - 130 BPM E Min
Violin Phrase 6 - 135 BPM B Min

Exclusive Production Workshop Included For Free:

SESSIONS: Start to Finish Production Course

See how to get the most out of SESSIONS with our top producers

We put together this production course to show you how to get the most out of the sounds in SESSIONS.
One of our top producers will be showing you everything from Sound Selection, Drum Programming, to Mixing, and finalizing your ideas for multiple sections of the pack.
You’ll get an inside look at how we produce music, with secret tips and tricks taught from one of our best instructors.
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