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REVENANT: Hihat Loop & MIDI Collection

Industry Level Hihat Bounces Designed For Heavy Hitting Modern Trap

REVENANT includes a variety of Hihat patterns to instantly inspire new ideas and establish a hit record sounding bounce.

Our Trap producers spent extra time crafting each of these patterns, with a placement ready sound in mind for the end results.

Drag them in as is, chop them up, or customize the MIDI files to fit your idea for whatever type of track you’re going for.

Autumn Hihat Loop - 146 BPM
Dust Hihat Loop - 165 BPM
Celly Hihat Loop - 125 BPM
Lock Hihat Loop - 133 BPM
Heated Hihat Loop - 173 BPM
Champagne Hihat Loop - 136 BPM
Optic Hihat Loop - 147 BPM
Spider Hihat Loop - 155 BPM
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