Gems Vol. 11 Lofi Melodies

Sample Pack Box

Gems Vol. 11 Lofi Melodies

Lofi hip-hop is easily one of the fastest growing genres of music. It’s also pulling huge numbers on the streaming service platforms.

Some of the biggest artists of the genre are known for their dreamy and vintage aesthetic, with soulful keys/pads and crunchy sounding drums. We focused heavily on that particular vibe that makes timeless sounding music easily achievable for any producer.

Our team created an array of different lofi styles to play with in this pack, leaving you with dream-like sounds to capture the imperfect and timeless aesthetic of the lofi genre.

Gems Vol. 11 Lofi Melodies specs:

  • - 20 samples
  • - 156 MB
  • - Stems for every melody included
  • - .WAV (works in any music software)
  • - 100% royalty free
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