Premium Textures & FX

The Ultimate Weapon For Creating Memorable Melodies

Sample Pack Box

Premium Textures & FX

Lush Ambience & FX Designed To Elevate Your Melodic Ideas

This section of ALCHEMY provides you with a wide range of lush sounding ambience & fx samples.

For this pack we focused on one of the most important elements of melody creation, the ear candy.

Using these, you can layer and transform your melodies into something completely special.

Ambience 7 - C Min
Ambience 10 - C# Maj
Ambience 26 - F Min
Noise - Beach

Exclusive Production Workshop Included For Free:

ALCHEMY: Melody Creation Course

See how to get the most out of ALCHEMY with our top producers

For this bonus, you’ll get an exclusive inside look at our top producer’s entire process for creating memorable sounding melodies.
You’ll learn everything from Sound Selection, Composing, Processing FX, Mixing, and more.
Our top producer will show you the ins and outs of his creative process, to get your melody game to the next level.
Sample Pack Box
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