Zephyr Live Percussion & Foley

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Zephyr Live Percussion & Foley

Foley samples and live percussion can be extremely effective additions to your productions.

They give your tracks an authentic, organic feel that can’t be digitally achieved.

So when we first released Zephyr Live Percussion and Foley, producers were super excited!

Packed with over 1200 live recordings of us smashing glass, banging on trash cans, splashing water, and so much more, Zephyr is one of the biggest foley packs we’ve ever created.

Every sample was recorded in Atlanta’s gorgeous 800 East Studio and meticulously organized into over 25 folders.

They will give your tracks a unique organic feel you can’t get otherwise.

Download Zephyr Live Percussion and Foley now!

Zephyr Live Percussion & Foley specs: 1231 Recordings & Samples, 279.5 MB total size, .WAW (works in any music software), 100% royalty free

Cymatics – Camera 1
Cymatics – Glass Breaking Close 9
Cymatics – Glass Vase Hit 6
Cymatics – Metal Bucket Hit 3
Cymatics – Nails In Vase 2
Cymatics – Sticker 1
Cymatics – Water Drips 1
Cymatics – Wood Hit 4