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Electric Hihat Loops & MIDI

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Electric Hihat Loops & MIDI

If there’s one thing that decides the bounce of your beat the most, it’s definitely hi-hats.

And sometimes it can be time consuming to go in and come up with new hi-hat patterns to keep your beats interesting.

We built a collection of a variety of rhythms and bounces for tons of different looks when it comes to making beats.

Inside, you’ll find both pre-made hi-hat loops as well as MIDI, so you can expedite your creative process, optimizing both work flow and generating new ideas in a session.

Electric Hihat Loops & MIDI specs:

  • - 52 samples
  • - 118.8 MB
  • - .WAV (works in any music software)
  • - 100% royalty free
Blem Drill Hihat Loop
Free Safety Trap Hihat Loop
Licks Drill Hihat Loop
Mango Dancehall Hihat Loop
Slime Trap Hihat Loop
Sprinkler Trap Hihat Loop