This plugin looks pretty simple, but in reality, it’s a complete powerhouse for transforming the sound of your melodies. It includes tons of inspiring effects such as:

  • Shimmer Reverb
  • Hall Reverb
  • Granular Delay
  • Tape Delay
  • Chorus
  • Phaser
  • Flanger
  • Wow/Flutter & more

You can take 1 melody sample and dramatically change the vibe hundreds of different ways.

Pluto is also perfect for processing one shots, synths, vocals, guitars, and even drums. The 30+ fx parameters on Pluto give you tons of options when it comes to sound design.

*Pluto is 64 bit only

Hear Pluto in action
*All before and after examples are made with presets included with Pluto
Cathedral Preset - Before
Cathedral Preset - After
Delayed Phaser Preset - Before
Delayed Phaser Preset - After
Fragile Preset - Before
Fragile Preset - After
Lofi Vibes Preset - Before
Lofi Vibes Preset - After
OG Kush Preset - Before
OG Kush Preset - After
Utopia Preset - Before
Utopia Preset - After
How exactly do the FX modes in Pluto work?

Wow/Flutter gives your melodies the classic “pitch wobble” effect you get when recording to an old tape machine. You can also use the Stereo parameter to make this mode sound like a unique chorus.

Mod FX

This mode is a selection of modulation style effects which can drastically alter the sound of a melody. Choose from Chorus, Phaser, and Flanger and customize their settings to dial in the exact sound you want.


Pluto’s delay comes with 2 modes: Tape and Granular.
The tape mode is a classic delay with a bit of saturation.
The granular delay basically chops up little pieces of your audio (also called “grains”) and repeats the grains at the delay time you set.


This mode provides a rich sounding reverb that sounds good on any type of sound you throw it on. You can choose from 2 modes: Hall and Shimmer. The Hall mode is an expensive sounding digital reverb. The shimmer reverb is a pitch shifted reverb that adds a bright “shimmering” tone to your audio.

Customer Pluto Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Happy Customer

Been a customer here for 5 years. Cymatics always brings out the best music production sample packs and vsts!!! 🔥🔥🔥

Fantastic sound library

All sounds and loops are available here in the best quality. Here is something for everyone. Hit power.

Best Value for Money

Cymatics always make one of the best sounding packs with inexpensive price tags. Quality is top notch also

The Quality Sounds

From the drum kits to the sample packs, Cymatics is the industry standard

DJ Muzki
expect the unexpected with Cymatics because its so good it changes destiny

you right these packs are amazingly made and well structured and configured also very perfect melodies and beatz that have made me a much better producer these days, thank you for making these real and so perfect the way it is!

Sick with it

Cymatics always has awesome samples. The trap starter pack and cobra hip hop packs are both free and it's pretty much all you need to make some sick hip hop/trap beats. Well, and of course some sick melodies, which I rarely ever just use a premade melody in one of my songs but I just finished one where all the melodies are premade(except the drop, of course)

More genres please

I ve used midi packs for lofi. pretty nice and great for study as well. However would love to see melody packs/midi for other genres as well like house (incl. subgenres like afro, amapiano, organic house, nu disco).Also could include in your portfolio electronica/ lounge.

Mo Wa
Packs from Cymatics really changed it all

I thought my own music before I used Cymatics sounded pretty good. After downloading Eternity and Cobra, it has upgraded a lot. I learned to make different genres like trap with some help from the pack Cobra. Everything has improved. Thank you really much!