Gems Vol. 18 RNB Melodies

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Gems Vol. 18 RNB Melodies

RnB seamlessly merges many genres into one with its wavy chord progressions and soul filled vocal accents.

Our RnB GEMS collection brings tons of different melodic vibes to the table, although spread across many different keys and scales, they all paint the same type of soulful picture.

Bring your next big RnB record to life with these industry standard melodies, guaranteed to inspire new ideas right out of the box!

Gems Vol. 18 RNB Melodies specs:

  • - 20 samples
  • - 691.9 MB
  • - .WAV & .MIDI (works in any music software)
  • - 100% royalty free
D'Amour Melody
Drifting Apart Melody
Neroli Melody
Sex In The A.M. Melody