Re-imagine Any Sound With Customizable Warping FX

Deja Vu was designed to completely change the vibe / feeling of any sound by time-stretching and pitch-shifting in a musical way.

This “slowed down” atmospheric like effect can be heard on countless modern pop and hip-hop records.

Providing you with full creative control over the timing and rhythm of audio, this plugin has become one of our team’s favorites.

Deja Vu includes 9 unique time signatures to shift through, with customizable parameters to switch up the outcome in real time.

*Deja Vu is 64 bit only

What can you do with Deja Vu?

Deja Vu was created to be an FX engine for inspiration, allowing a variety of different creative results.

Whether you’re running Melodies through it to create a dreamy “slowed down” atmospheric type of vibe...

Or you’re processing Drums, Vocals, or even entirely finished tracks to create switch ups… the possibilities are limitless.

You can use it to completely change the feeling and tonal DNA of any sound that it touches.

We recommend trying it on Melody Loops, Vocals, Guitars, Song Intros, Switch Ups, and even Full Songs.

Origin Plugin
Origin Plugin
How does Deja Vu work exactly?

Deja Vu works by time-stretching audio by 1.5x, 2x, or 4x speed (set by the Mode buttons).

This type of effect is exactly what you would hear if you slowed down the playback speed of an old tape machine.

And by customizing this with the Looping feature, you can choose when you want the plugin to loop the effect.

This way you can even use Deja Vu on any single layer of a song, and it will still remain on time with the rest of the layers.

Hear Deja Vu in action
BEFORE: Prism - 138 BPM B Min
AFTER: Prism - 138 BPM B Min
BEFORE: Donny Darko - 117 BPM F Min
AFTER: Donny Darko - 117 BPM F Min
BEFORE: Far Apart - 157 BPM G Min
AFTER: Far Apart - 157 BPM G Min
BEFORE: Hours - 89 BPM F# Min
AFTER: Hours - 89 BPM F# Min
BEFORE: Smoked - 132 BPM D Min
AFTER: Smoked - 132 BPM D Min
BEFORE: Magic Drum Loop - 85 BPM
AFTER: Magic Drum Loop - 85 BPM