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Infinity Melody Collection

What is included with Pandora
MIDI Collection (Beta Pack)?

If well written… MIDI can be one of the most useful tools that a producer can have. Between BPM changes, transposing, sound selection, and post processing, you can take 1 MIDI file into a thousand different directions.

And it's no secret that the top producers in the game have direct access to the best melody creators in the world, who have mastered the art of MIDI writing. Most of them have spent 10,000+ hours solely focusing on music theory and writing the best melodies possible.

So when it comes to writing catchy and creative melodies on your own, it can be challenging without having the same experience. That’s why we’ve been building a team of the best MIDI writers in the world, to help bridge this gap for producers. And we’re excited to announce that we’ve all been collaborating on a secret new project. It’s called PANDORA, an exclusive collection of unreleased Cymatics MIDI that can easily help any producer make albums worth of music.

After you download the Beta Pack, you’ll get a chance to learn more about PANDORA.

Lil Baby MIDI 5 - G Min
Lofi MIDI 6 - A Maj
RnB MIDI 10 - A Maj
Yeat MIDI 2 - D Min
MIDI files included
MIDI Collection (Beta Pack)
MIDI Collection (Beta Pack)
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