Sizzle Hi-Hat MIDI & Loops

Easy to use hi-hats to speed up your beat making

Sample Pack Box

Well written hi-hats are arguably one of the most important parts of making catchy beats.

Sizzle is a free collection of hi-hat MIDI and loops, to make building your next hi-hat pattern a lot easier and inspire new ideas, especially with the flexibility of the MIDI files.

You’ll be able to stretch or chop the loops, use them as they are, or customize the MIDI to your liking.

Sizzle Hi-Hat MIDI & Loops specs:

  • - 22 Hihat Loops
  • - 22 Hihat MIDI
  • - 100% royalty free
  • - Total size: 62.7 MB
Hihat Loop 12
Hihat Loop 13
Hihat Loop 22
Hihat Roll 11