New Anniversary RNB
Melody Pack

100% Royalty Free Melodies With Stems & MIDI

Sample Pack Box

The melodies in this pack are all centered around today’s best modern RnB music.

We designed these with a heavy focus on dreamy chord progressions and incredible vocal samples that bring them all together.

We included a variety of different keys and scales, each painting a different type of soulful picture.

So if you’re looking to create music that carries a ton of emotion behind every sound, this pack has what you’re looking for.

Illusions RNB Melody Loops specs:

  • - Total Files: 197
  • - 100% royalty free
  • - Total size: 1.98 GB
Betrayed - 180 BPM F Min
Lost My Way - 84 BPM G# Min
Night Owl - 90 BPM D Maj
Unstable - 152 BPM C Min