88 Unique FX Samples To Bring Your Tracks To Life

Unique library of premium FX by our top sound designers

Sample Pack Box

What is included with this pack?

For this pack, our main focus was to put together a unique collection of various FX samples, for embellishing any type of track.

Inside you’ll get 88 premium FX samples including Arps, Reverse One Shots, Impacts, Vocal FX, and Various FX.

All of these samples were created to work seamlessly within just about any genre you can think of.

These are perfect for splashing some “ear candy” into your music, filling in those empty pockets within your beats to bring them to life.

FX Impact - Gunshot
FX Tonal Arp - 170 BPM D Min
FX Various - Siren - 130 BPM C#
FX Vocal - Yeh - 140 BPM
MB of samples
Unique FX Samples
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