40 Hard Hitting 808s To Cut Through Any Mix $20 $10

Wide selection of 808 styles included for any genre

Sample Pack Box

What is included with this pack?

This 808 collection contains 40 hard hitting 808 samples, carefully designed by our top drum designers to cut through any mix.

Inside the pack, we included a variety of 808s including Short, Long, Distorted, and more.

These premium 808s have been field tested within projects by our team, to ensure that every 808 hits as hard as possible for multiple different genres.

So regardless of the type of track you’re looking to make, we’ve got your low end covered with this pack.

808 Distorted - Cranked (C)
808 Distorted - Flamboyant (C)
808 Long - London (C)
808 Short - Arrival (C)
Supported Daw
Supported Daw