The Anniversary
Lofi Collection
Get 3 New Lofi Packs including Melodies, Drums, and One Shots!
MAYHEM: Premium Melody Collection MAYHEM: Premium Melody Collection

3 Brand New Premium Lofi Packs

We haven’t released new Lofi samples in a while, so in celebration of our 7th anniversary we figured this would be the perfect time!

Our team recently pulled out their collection of vintage equipment / synthesizers to work on this Lofi collection.

Every sound inside was processed through tape & analog hardware, so each sample came out sounding unique in its own way.

This collection comes with 3 brand new sample packs, each designed to give you the same sound you’d get from samping an old vinyl record.

This includes::

  • 20+ Melodies with Stems & MIDI, recorded and processed through analog tape and other vintage gear.
  • Drum Loops & One Shots designed & pre-processed to work seamlessly within the Lofi genre.
  • 75 Melodic One Shots recorded from our collection of vintage synthesizers and resampled through analog equipment.

3 Exclusive Sample Packs Included, 100% Royalty Free

This bundle is a limited offer for our 7th anniversary sale.

Anarchy: MIDI Collection
Aura: Lofi Melody Loops

This pack includes 20+ premium Lofi melodies with stems & MIDI.
Our team used their collection of vintage equipment to achieve a unique sound within every single melody loop.
Inside, you’ll find timeless sounding synths and instruments, created to sound like they were pulled straight from an old vinyl record.
This includes some of our personal favorite melodies, handcrafted by our top producers that specialize in the Lofi genre.
Fantasy - 80 BPM A# Maj
Forever - 74 BPM D# Maj
Lense - 78 BPM D# Min
Nevermind - 80 BPM D Maj
Haze: Lofi Drum Loops & One Shots

This pack captures the drum sound of the Lofi genre, with rich analog saturation throughout every sample.
We included some of our best Lofi drum loops, each pre-processed to give you that classic sampled analog sound.
These drum loops are great for chopping or you can simply use them as is, straight out of the box.
This pack also includes crisp drum one shots, perfect for building your own Lofi drum patterns from the ground up.
Drum Loop - Forbidden Love - 85 BPM
Drum Loop - Ginger - 80 BPM
Drum Loop - Soup - 90 BPM
Snare - Snapped Rim
FURY: 808 Collection
HAVOC: Drum Kit
Mirage: Lofi One Shot Collection

Mirage includes 75+ melodic one shots, each designed for building your own Lofi melodies from scratch.
Every one shot was recorded and processed through tape / analog gear to provide a special warmth.
We created each one shot using some of the most legendary synthesizers from the past 40 years.
Inside you’ll find unique pads, leads, plucks, bells, instruments, and more.