Get 50 Premium Trap Melodies
for only $35 $70

Includes Panic Trap MIDI Collection for Free.
MAYHEM: Premium Melody Collection MAYHEM: Premium Melody Collection

The Anarchy Melody Collection Bundle

Our team of loop makers have been working on a ton of new Trap samples lately, so we wanted to release these as a surprise!

With the Anarchy Melody Collection, you’ll get 2 brand new Trap sample packs containing a wide selection of premium melodies and MIDI.

You’ll find several different styles for the Trap genre inside, with each melody style optimized for creating banger Trap beats.

This includes melodies in the style of 21 Savage, Drake, Travis Scott, Nardo Wick, & more.

And between the melody samples and the MIDI files included in both packs, you get a ton of unique sounds and compositions to work with.

Licensing rights included:

  • Streaming on Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud, etc
  • Beat lease sales on Beatstars, Airbit, etc
  • Placements with major artists
  • All melodies are 100% royalty free

1.2 GB of Placement Ready Melodies & MIDI

2 Exclusive New Sample Packs Included
(100% Royalty Free):

Anarchy: MIDI Collection
Anarchy: Trap Melody Loops

Our loopmakers put this pack together to give you a variety of high level melodies for building banger Trap beats.
It’s crucial to have quality melodies that stand out when it comes to producing Trap music in 2022, and that was our main focus with Anarchy.
Stems for each melody are included as well, making each loop easy to customize and flip in endless ways. Whether you want to change the tempo, adjust the pitch, chop it up and rearrange it, or use them right out of the box.
Anarchy - 118 BPM A# Min
Eternity - 133 BPM A# Min
Prince - 117 BPM G Min
Quantum Mechanics - 130 BPM F# Min
Panic: Trap MIDI Collection

High level MIDI files are one of the most useful creative resources that you can use as a producer.
Because MIDI is so flexible, it allows you to take 1 melody composition and flip it thousands of different ways.
Our team of loop makers focused heavily on creating a variety of different Trap melody compositions for each MIDI file in this pack.
So whether you are looking to customize them to add your own flair to them, learn more about building chord progressions, or simply drag and drop them into your songs… Cymatics MIDI is an incredible tool to use.
FURY: 808 Collection