The 7 For $7
Anniversary Bundle
Get 7 New Premium Packs of Drums, Percussion, Hi-Hats & More.
*Limited Time Deal!
MAYHEM: Premium Melody Collection MAYHEM: Premium Melody Collection

7 Brand New Premium
Sample Packs For $7

This is something that we only do a few times a year, and it normally costs around $75!

But since our 7th anniversary has been so great, we decided to give you this entire bundle of new packs for $7.

This includes new Drum One Shots, Drum Loops, Hi-Hat Loops, Hi-Hat MIDI, and more.

Every sound included in these packs were designed to fit the industry standard sound of today’s modern music.

This covers genres / styles including Trap, Drill, RnB, Experimental, and even some surprises for early 2000s Hip-Hop.

Licensing rights included:

  • Streaming on Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud, etc
  • Beat lease sales on Beatstars, Airbit, etc
  • Placements with major artists
  • All melodies are 100% royalty free

7 Unreleased Sample Packs
Included, 100% Royalty Free

This bundle is a limited offer for our 7th anniversary sale.

Anarchy: MIDI Collection
Behemoth: 808 Collection

This pack includes 20 premium 808s that are designed to match the standard of modern Hip-Hop.
This includes a variety of styles and choices (long, short, distorted, clean), all of which are meant to give you a good range of choices to pick the perfect bass for your music.
And given the variety of styles, these work great for the low end of many different genres of music.
808 Drill - C
808 Perfect - C
808 Seared - C
808 Talk - C
Hydra: Drum Kit

This is a heavily refined collection of premium drum samples, inspired by some of the best drums in today’s modern music.
This includes multiple different production styles with Hip-Hop, Pop, Afrobeat, Drill, and RnB.
Each drum one shot inside was designed after referencing the sounds in some of the biggest commercial records in the world.
And every sound was specifically processed to have the right mix energy straight out of the box.
We also included a variety of harder & softer sounding drum samples, to give you a nice variety of sounds to work with for your next big record.
Drill Drums
Funk House Drums
RnB Drums
Trap Drums
FURY: 808 Collection
HAVOC: Drum Kit
Syndicate: Drum Loops

Syndicate was primarily inspired by popular music of the current era, but we also included some surprises inspired by the 2000s era of Hip-Hop.
Every loop inside was designed with its own unique bounce to easily inspire new ideas out of the box.
This also includes stems for every loop, so you can have the freedom of using certain elements or mix and match.
These drum loops are pre-processed and feature a mix ready sound selection, so there isn’t much you have to do to get them sitting in your mix.
Chit Chat Drum Loop - 94 BPM
Eyes Drum Loop - 166 BPM
Incense Drum Loop - 125 BPM
Owl Drum Loop - 90 BPM
Vertex: Foley Percussion

This collection includes a variety of live recorded sounds from real world and nature environments.
These were created for the purpose of embellishing your records, with more of a natural percussive sound.
The natural qualities of each sample provide a good way to take your tracks to more of an experimental and imaginative place.
HAVOC: Drum Kit
Chrome: Hihat Loops

This collection of hi-hat loops covers multiple different styles including Trap, RnB, Drill, and more.
Each loop was designed by some of our top beat makers, and some are extracted directly from fully composed beats that our producers have made.
They feature multiple elements, including overhead cymbals and carefully placed rolls, to create a nice sense of bounce when they are dragged into a project.
These can also be chopped / rearranged to fit any project style you’re working on, so effectively there are countless possibilities for how these can be used.
Backup Hihat Loop - 123 BPM
Drill Hihat Loop - 140 BPM
Linked Up Hihat Loop - 155 BPM
Sensitive Hihat Loop - 100 BPM
Paragon: Percussion Loops

Paragon includes a vast variety of sequenced percussion loops, perfect for adding a unique flair to your tracks.
You can easily layer these into melodies and beats to give them a special rhythm and texture.
We included a different selection of samples, some loops have more of a present sound, and others were designed to be more felt than heard.
Regardless of what you’re looking to achieve, these are all incredible for helping your tracks stand out.
Counting Percussion Loop - 110 BPM
Energy Percussion Loop - 150 BPM
Footwork Percussion Loop - 150 BPM
Rain Forest Percussion Loop - 100 BPM
HAVOC: Drum Kit
Pulse: Hihat MIDI

Writing hi-hat patterns can sometimes be time consuming and difficult to come up with fresh ideas.
These were put together by our team of producers, to give you tons of inspiration when it comes to creating a new bounce in your track.
These MIDI files work really well with most genres, and they can easily be customized to your liking to fit your style.
Bonk Hihat MIDI - 160 BPM
Get Out Hihat MIDI - 112 BPM
Nitrous Hihat MIDI - 150 BPM
Talk Is Cheap Hihat MIDI - 138 BPM